10 Ways to Turn 10 Tips Into Promotional Tools

Promote yourself, your book or your business with blog lists and tips.Every day writers complain to me about how they (1) don’t want to promote themselves and (2) don’t have time to do everything I suggest they do when it comes to promotion. If you work smarter rather than harder, though, you can actually take one written promotional piece and, with just a bit of reworking, turn it into a variety of promotional tools. In some cases, the “knock offs” will work harder for you than the original piece.

Let’s say you write a blog post that offers 10 tips on how to do something–anything. It could be “10 Tips on How to Save Money,” “10 Tips on How to Lose Weight During the Holidays,” or “10 Tips on How to Communicate with Your Spouse.”  These types of list and tip blog posts prove extremely effective and drive traffic to your site for years. That’s why they are called “evergreen” or “long tail.”

Once published on your blog you can now repurpose the post into the follow promotional tools:

  1. a press release–rewrite the post 20 percent and publish it on prweb.com or with a membership at expertclick.com (save $100 with this link.).
  2. an ezine article–rewrite the post 40-50 percent and publish it on ezinearticle.com or distribute it to many ezine article sites using submityourarticle.com (affiliate link).
  3. a podcast–read the post into a digital recorder and then upload it to iTunes or one of the many podcasting channels.
  4. a video–read the post into digital camera and then upload the video to YouTube. Or record each tip separately and create 10 videos!
  5. a free ebook–flesh out each tip with a paragraph or a page of content. Produce this a free ebook you give away to build your mailing list.
  6. a booklet or larger ebook or print-on-demand book–expand the tips by writing 2,000 words or more on each. Then publish a full-length book.
  7. a teleseminar–create a teleseminar based on the tips. Provide it for free to build your list, or sell it.
  8. a webinar–create a webinar based on the tips. Provide it for free  to build your email list, or sell it.
  9. a course–combine one of the books or ebooks, or even the transcript of your teleseminar or webinar, with the teleseminar or webinar, and sell a course based on the tips. You could also give this away to build your email list.
  10. a talk–give a talk based on the tips.

I bet you can think of more ways to turn 10 tips into promotional tools. If so, leave me a comment.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles

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