6 Marketing Tips To Launching Your Book

Today’s guest post is by Eric V. Van Der Hope, author of Mastering Niche Marketing.

ideas for a book launchA book launching campaign can be a bit intimidating. What many people fail to realize is that only after the book is written does the real work begin—when it’s finally published. Nevertheless, a book launching can be an exciting and memorable step in your career and with a little help, you should be able to introduce your book to the world easily and with the greatest response. Pick a date to officially release your book and consider employing some or all of the techniques below to make your book launching a success.

Seek Out Pre-Endorsements

Contact people in your industry and ask for pre-release endorsements. Think big and your return will be big as well. From established authors to well respected reviewers, a positive pre–endorsement can do wonders for your reputation and should be included as part of your book launch marketing strategy. Make certain to mail a copy of the final product along with a thank you to all those who were willing to help you with your launch.

Partner with Related Industries to Provide Bonuses

Providing bonuses is a common technique employed by industries looking to launch a product or service. It involves gathering bonuses from other people, and then giving them away free to people who purchase your book. Often downloadable products or extras that complement your book are a great way to entice purchases. Bonuses create that “buzz” that gets your book noticed and talked about.

Make a Promotional Video

These days, it’s super easy to make a quality promotional video as part of your book launch marketing strategy. A great introduction or review of your book posted on your web site or YouTube can catch on quickly. Make certain to provide links back to your site so interested viewers can get more information.

Social Media Promotion

Remember, by the time you’re ready to launch your book, you should have a well-developed social media platform. Make sure to blog about your book release prior to the big day and provide updates letting your target audience know when they can expect your book. Email your lists letting them know what’s planned and consider holding a contest to engage your followers.


Make a concerted effort to give an interview about your book beforehand or have a book review written. In many cases, you can find producers and editors of publications, radio shows, television shows, even blogs that reach your target audience. Look for reporters, reviewers, bloggers and anyone else who may be influential in helping you reach potential readers.

Send out Review Copies

Another way to incite buzz about your upcoming book release is to make certain that you get free copies to bloggers and reviewers. Make a list ahead of time of who you will send review copies to, so you’re prepared as soon as your books are complete.

Don’t settle for the same old traditional and boring book launch strategy. The more creative you get with your launch, the more newsworthy your event, the more press coverage, the more book sales. Make your book launch marketing strategy exciting and be prepared to sell.

About the Author

Eric V. Van Der Hope (a.k.a: The Book Launch Marketer), is the President & Founder of Globalnet Publishing, an independent publishing & book marketing company specializing in Book Launch Marketing. Eric is the #1 International Bestselling Author of “Mastering Niche Marketing” (http://www.MasteringNicheMarketing.com) and is a Book Marketing Mentor and Coach for Publishers & Authors. Eric teaches clients how to navigate through their personalized Book Launch Campaigns; from pre-promotion, through the actual publishing process to marketing their books effectively. Stay current with the latest book marketing methods & strategies by visiting & subscribing to his blog “Eric’s Book Marketing Minute” at: http://EricsBookMarketingMinute.com



  1. Great information. Marketing is hard work, but without it, writing (for an audience that will never find you) is pointless.

    • Thanks Wendy, appreciate the comments. Indeed, marketing can be hard work. But by developing a marketing plan/strategy before the book is actually published can alleviate alot of the pressure of getting overwhelmed (a common occurrence with writers, first-time authors & unfortunately some experienced publishers). Also, marketing can be extremely ineffective if it’s not targeted to the right audience. Knowing this ahead of time will save time and effort! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nice list of suggestions. I think your suggestiveness to pursue the media is right on, because one appearance on TV can sell a ton of books. Of course you have to use the right system to pull it off. I coach authors how to get on TV and have a free blog with a lot of suggestions on how authors can get on TV. It is howtogetontvandbecomefamous.com. Feel free to check it out. Thanks and good luck to all. Edward Smith.

  3. Thanks for a well-timed article. Strength Renewed, Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer, launches October 1 on Amazon and in the States. Not sure about S.Africa’s date yet. I’m working like crazy trying to get all my ducks, err, books in a row. 🙂

  4. The amount of writers I know that don’t exploit social media is surprisingly low – I don’t say this as a good thing, mind you.Also, you can get help from a marketing service, of course, but doing the leg work yourself can pay off.


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