All Quiet on the WNFIN Front…Not Really

If you’ve been wondering why it’s been so quiet here, let me explain. I’m getting ready for a change…and I thought it would happen a while ago…but it’s taking longer than expected.

Earlier this month I thought this blog would be changing from a free WordPress blog to a hosted blog. That is still going to happen…in fact, it’s happening as I write…but it didn’t happen when I thought it would. Additionally, instead of continuing to add current posts to WNFIN, which really is all about the challenge that occurs in November, I wanted to separate out the current posts. I started categorizing them as Write Nonfiction Now. Then I had an idea: start a sister blog for current posts and call it “Write Nonfiction Now!”

Given that plan, I held off writing anything here. I held off…and held off…Any day now, though, WNFIN should become a hosted blog–which you will find at rather than at this location–and you will also find current posts at You’ll also discover that I’ll be offer writing tips and publishing information on a more regular basis there in that blog. So, rather than just keeping WNFIN’s blog alive all  year long, I’ll be truly blogging about nonfiction writing and publishing all year to share with you the best of what I know and learn so we can all meet our publishing goals.

In the meantime, I do have a few classes coming up that might interest you. Here’s the basic information:

Birthing Your Book: How to Conceive a Successful Nonfiction Book (Before You Actually Write It)

When: Sat., May 15 & Sat., May 22; 9a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: 115 Belhaven Drive, Los Gatos, CA 95032
Cost: $110 (includes 14 hours of instruction and materials)
Bring bag lunch; space is limited to 15 attendees.

Learn how to use the step-by-step process of writing a nonfiction book proposal to help hone and focus your ideas so you can create traditionally published or self-published books that sell-to publishers and to readers!

This is NOT a workshop on how to write a nonfiction book proposal (but you’ll learn a lot about it). This IS a workshop about how to use the nonfiction book proposal writing process to conceptualize both the creative and business aspects of a successful nonfiction book.

For more info and to register: go to

Query and Proposal Basics: How to Pitch to Agents and Publishers

Sunday, May 23, 2010
9 a.m.-5 p.m. (with a 1-hour lunch break)
1590 Oakland Road, Suite B114, San Jose, CA 95131
Cost: $95

Before a literary agent agrees to represent you or a publishing house offers you a publishing contract, they must read your nonfiction book proposal.

Neither agents nor acquisitions editors will read your nonfiction book proposal until they have first read your query letter; after they read the query letter they may request your book proposal.

Your query letter has to be good enough to entice an agent or editor to want to read your proposal. Your nonfiction book proposal has to be good enough to serve as the publishing company’s business plan for your book.

That’s why you must learn how to write a top-notch query letter and proposal for your nonfiction book.

If you want to have your book traditionally published, YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO TAKE THIS WORKSHOP.

For more info and to register: go to

Register with a friend and save $10 each.

Next Nonfiction Writers Meetup
Writing Winged Words: How to Use Life Experiences to Create Uplifting, Enlightening and Inspiring Personal Essays

Wednesday, May 5, 7-9 pm
1590 Oakland Road, Suite B114,
San Jose, CA 95131
Cost: $10

Learn how to become an inspirational writer or storyteller and to use your personal stories to help awaken others to the lessons in their own lives. Discover how to use your life experiences to transform the lives of your readers through the art of personal essay. Writing Winged Words will show you how to delve into your own life and discover material for personal essays that uplift, enlighten and inspire those who read them.

For more information, to join this meetup or to RSVP: Nonfiction Writers Meetup

As you can see, the blog may have been quite, but things are busy at my end. I’m gearing up to do a lot of workshops and teleseminars. I’m getting out there and speaking more. (Are you?) My agent soon will start peddling a new book proposal of mine, and I’m thinking of independently publishing one of my manuscripts. Plus, I’m now also offering publishing mentoring services.

What are you doing in the world of nonfiction publishing? I hope you’re building platform, writing, pitching, blogging, querying…anything that gets your work published. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

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