Are You Using What You Learn?

Many writers go to critique groups, writers conferences, writers club meetings, and workshops and seminars on writing and publishing. They read books  on how to write well and get published. However, a time comes when a writer must take what he or she has learned, put down the books and pick up a pencil or turn on the computer and begin typing.

That’s right. You must take what you have learned and put it to use. Write the article and submit it. Compose the query letter and send it. Prepare the book proposal and contact the agent who requested it. Create the manuscript for the book you’ve always wanted to write.

Have you learned enough? Probably. Could you learn more? Always. Could you write right now. Definitely. Could you submit your work right now? More than likely. Could you build platform right now? Easily.

So begin using what you have learned. Do it now. Stop procrastinating.

I’ll make it easy for you: Pick one thing you have recently learned about writing and publishing. Put it on your to-do list for today (or tomorrow at the latest). Pick another thing you’ve learned and put it on your schedule for this week or next. (How you schedule these two activities depends upon how long it will take to complete them; however, you don’t have to complete both to start both.) Now, do them. Keep them on your to-do list until they are complete.

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