Introducing: “I Know I Can” WNFIN 10-Month Training Program

train wheelsOn Wednesday, I published my first guest blog post on Write Nonfiction in NOVEMBER!. That blog post successfully broke the tradition of seeing this blog  go dark for 10 or 11 months preceding November’s nonfiction writing challenge, which takes place during National Nonfiction Writing Month. From now until the end of October 2013, you will see my guest blog posts keeping the light on here until the Write Nonfiction in November challenge. They will appear three days a week  as well as on Write Nonfiction NOW! on Fridays and on the first day of the month.

But my posts are not just any guest blog posts. I’ll be providing you with a 10-month training program to help you prepare for WNFIN 2013. Are you ready to begin getting ready for our November nonfiction writing marathon? Great! First, let’s quickly go over some details.

The Basics

As discussed in Wednesday’s blog post, from now until the end of October, we are going to refer to the Write Nonfiction in November nonfiction writing challenge as a “marathon” and we are going to start to prepare for that marathon by training for the next 10 months.

This training program is called “I Know I Can” Write Nonfiction in November. The title of the training program is inspired by the children’s book The Little Engine That Could. Each week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will post interesting writing prompts. Your job is to create nonfiction writing in response to my prompts. By doing so, you get in shape for the WNFIN challenge, or marathon.

The “I Know I Can” Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) training program is designed for all nonfiction writers (those that write nonfiction offline and online). In other words, whether you are working on traditional query letters, essays, articles, blogs posts, or full-length books (or blogging books), you are welcome to participate! (To continue reading this post, click here.)

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