July Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Create a New Helpful Writing Habit

writing habitsA lot of aspiring writers say they want to write but don’t. Others write consistently but aren’t productive; they get distracted or procrastinate. Others write inconsistently.

No matter what type of writer you are, here’s the truth: You can improve your results by improving your habits. You only an improve your current level of writing and publishing success by improving your habits.

Do your habits—personal or professional—serve you? Do they help you achieve your writing goals, or do they hinder your progress?

Even if they help you, you can improve your results by creating even better habits. And, if your habits are holding you back, it’s time to create some new ones that help you achieve your writing goals.

July Challenge: Create a Helpful Writing Habit

Half the year is over. It’s time to level up and move more quickly toward your writing goals and get the results you desire—daily.

That means it’s time to create a new, helpful habit—one that supports your efforts to write more productively and get your work in the hands of readers.

Your Past Success Leaves Clues

Think of a time in the past when you felt productive and successful. What was it about that time in your life that helped you achieve the results you desired? Were you focused, under a deadline, or passionate about the project?

By identifying what made you successful in the past, you can replicate your results. You need only adopt the same habits you had at that time. After all, success leaves clues. Follow them to the habits you need to implement now.

Your Best Future Writing Self

If you can’t think of habits that served you in the past, or if those practices don’t apply to your current desire to succeed as a writer, you need to adopt a new habit.

Imagine yourself as a successful and productive writer. What would that look like? Would you be rising early to write for two hours before going to work or your children wake up? Would you exercise and then show up at your desk to write? Would you work toward a firm deadline? Would you remain focused and ignore email and social media sites? Would you write every day after work in your favorite coffee shop?

Once you see this picture of your best writing self clearly, answer this question: What one habit would you have to adopt to achieve that state? What one habit would support you in becoming your best writing self?

Maybe you need to go to bed early and get up early. Possibly you need to create a morning routine. Or you might need to set a timer and write until it goes off.

Whatever the habit, commit to taking it on this month. To ingrain a new habit into your standard way of operating—or writing—you must practice it daily for 30 to 40 days.

Once you’ve chosen your new helpful writing habit, get started immediately. Don’t wait. It’s time…your time to become your best writing self.

What habit do you need to adopt to succeed as a writer?

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