Hire an Author Trainer

Get Educated and Coached to Become a Successful Author

There’s more to becoming a successful author than a good idea and writing skill.

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You need to:
  • understand how the publishing industry works
  • become a good business partner
  • produce a business plan for your book
  • become a good promoter
  • build platform
  • and more…


To succeed as an author today, you need an education in publishing and writing as well as training for the job called “author.”


Where do you get that education? From an Author Trainer.


What is Author TRAINING vs. COACHING?

I provide my Author TRAINING clients with a proprietary Author TRAINING Process based on my book,  The Author Training Manual. This is the only REAL Author Training process in existence today.

During Author Training, you attend eight training sessions that help you achieve successful authorship and produce a marketable book.

Each session represents one module in a complete and comprehensive curriculum that includes handouts and education as well as coaching. It is based on the nine steps included in the Author Training Manual. And it leads you through a self-evaluation, a book idea evaluation, and the creation of a marketable book idea using the author training process, aka the proposal process.

To complete the full training requires two months of Author Training sessions. In that time, you will complete the nine Steps of the Author Training Process. (Note: A third month of training to complete your business plan or book proposal is advised but not required. Three months of Author Training ensures you get the most out of the program, but in two months you will be officially trained to become an author.)

Author COACHING, on the other hand, is a personalized program consisting of four consults. The sessions have no set agenda except for the one your bring to each session. You ask questions, I answer them or provide resources.


When you complete Author Training, you will have:

  • an understanding of the publishing process.
  • the knowledge to write a book that sells.
  • strategies to use market and competitive analysis to craft a unique and necessary book.
  • an analysis of your idea’s ability to succeed.
  • an evaluation of your ability to help your book succeed.
  • a table contents and chapter summaries for your book.
  • a business plan for your book or a book proposal.
  • a business plan or book proposal.
  • publishing goals.
  • a mission statement.
  • a promotion plan for your book.


You also will receive:

  • 8 handouts
  • 8 session recordings
  • a free copy of my Easy-Schmeasy Book Proposal Template
  • a personal DropBox for shared documents
  • a copy of The Author Training Manual


Author Training Program Details:

  • Author Training sessions follow a curriculum
  • Each session includes time for personalized coaching.
  • Packages include four one-hour sessions per month.
  • All eight sessions must be completed within a three-month period.
  • All sessions are recorded (technology willing).
  • Payment is made on a monthly basis.
  • You receive a detailed follow-up email after each session.
  • All sessions are live.
  • Some sessions include screensharing.
  • Sessions can be done by Skype or teleseminar line.


Hire the Real Author Trainer!

No other real Author Trainers exist. After all…I wrote the manual on becoming an author.

Additionally, I’m an eleven-time Amazon bestselling author of 20 titles, including Creative Visualization for Writers, How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual.  As an author and high-performance coach, I help writers achieve their potential and make a positive and meaningful impact with their words.

My clients have sold 300,000+ copies of their books, landed deals with major publishing houses, and created thriving businesses around their books.

I run four blogs and founded National Nonfiction Writing Month and the Nonfiction Writers’ University. I also created a proprietary Author Training Program.

I’d love to train you to become a successful author using the same process I use every time I write a book. My clients have used it successfully as well.


Get the education and training you need to become a successful author.


Choose the complete Author Training process, and work with me for two (or three months). Fulfill your dream of writing a book that sells.

4-hours/month Author Training Fee: $747 for 1 month (automatically renews until cancellation)

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