Nonfiction Writing Prompt #48: Conduct an Interview

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Is there one person you’ve looked up to or admired? If you could ask that person five or six questions, what queries would you include? Would speaking with this person be a dream come true…but seem impossible? It’s not. As a nonfiction writer, you can use your “journalistic powers” to meet almost anyone.

In fact, interviewing experts for nonfiction articles and books represents a foundational skill every nonfiction writer must possess or learn.

Development of your interview skills takes practice. That’s why this prompt asks you to exercise your interviewing muscles.

How to Complete Nonfiction Writing Prompt #48

To complete this writing prompt, follow these eight steps:

  1. Choose a person to interview and a topic to discuss.
  2. Write down the questions you want to ask the person you admire.
  3. Use an Internet search engine, like Google, to locate the person’s contact information.
  4. Contact the person by email, letter, or phone call. Ask for permission to interview the person and to publish the answers you receive.
  5. After they respond, schedule the interview.
  6. Create a list of pertinent questions.
  7. Conduct and record the interview.
  8. Write a short article, blog post, or essay—and get it published.

In eight simple steps, your journalistic powers or privileges have given you access to someone you dreamed of meeting. And you can repeat this process and create the same opportunities over and over again.

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