March Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Write More

become a productive writer; write more daily

It doesn’t matter if I speak at a conference, work with a coaching client, or teach a class, aspiring writers share one common complaint: I don’t write. That’s why this month my challenge to nonfiction writers is to write or write more. It’s time to stop whining. I don’t know why I don’t write. I […]

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What Indie Authors Need to Know About Business Set Up

indie business set up

Most writers need to consider themselves business people—and create the correct structure for that business. However, this becomes all the more important when you self-publish. If you choose to open your own publishing company, you are, indeed, a business. In this guest post, the first in a series, Helen Sedwick (@HelenSedwick) explains the four steps […]

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How to Find the Bigger Story in Your Body of Work

find your forest

For years I’ve been talking about turning short pieces of work—blog posts and articles—into books. But this type of project is not something you slap together without thought or revision. In fact, I recommend that you have to have a solid plan for the project before you begin compiling it. In this guest post, book […]

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Why Writers Benefit from Using Creative Visualization

creative visualization for writers

Although I’ve been using creative visualization for years, and I even published a book about the topic in 2016, many people don’t have any idea of the power imagination has to help them create what they desire. That desire could be for a new car, a relationship, a successfully completed marathon, or a finished book […]

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February Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Write for Change

create change with your writing

As a writer, you are in a unique and powerful position to make a difference. You can speak your mind, state your case, and stand up for what you believe via your written words. If your words get read, you can have an impact. You can become a change agent. Maybe you passionately want to […]

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Book Editor

professional book editor

I often field questions about editing. Many aspiring authors think they can self-edit their work, and they can. But that’s not enough. They need a second set of eyes—and sometimes a third—on their work before it gets published. Today, Piers Golden offers five reasons why you should hire a professional editor before you complete your […]

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A Field Guide to Writing a Nonfiction Book (with a Lot of Help from Austin Kleon)

how to write a book

I was thrilled when Deb Hemley (@dhemley) asked if I would be interested in publishing her blog post about writing a nonfiction book, which she based on the principles in Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work. This book has a spot close to my desk. Every time I see it, I’m reminded to share my […]

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