The Key to Achieving Your Writing Potential and Purpose

get clear to succeedDo you ever wonder if you are making the right decision, feel confused about what to write next, or find yourself unsure about your writing career? If so, you lack clarity. Clarity helps you achieve your writing potential and purpose and write more easily and effectively.

Lack of clarity leaves you questioning and wondering in all areas of your life, including your writing career. It stops you from taking steps toward your goals and dreams as a writer.

Clarity also gives you the direction you want and need to move forward and create your writing career, form influential relationships, and produce marketable work. Additionally, clarity helps you become the writer you want to be.

What Happens When Writers See (or Don’t See) Clearly

Think about it: When you feel unclear about a goal, you have difficulty achieving it. If you don’t know where to go next with your manuscript, you feel lost, stuck and uncreative. And if you don’t know why you should build author platform, produce a book proposal or take on your next project, you lack committed to taking action.

Clarity helps bring into focus the result you desire, your destination, your connection to others, and your purpose. With this type of vision, you stop questioning and wondering and take decisive action in your writing career as well as in all areas of your life.

When you clearly see yourself—strengths and weaknesses—you can decide to improve yourself. You can choose to be more courageous, focused, present, or energetic, all characteristics that help you succeed as a nonfiction writer and author. You can change self-defeating habits, thoughts, and beliefs into ones that support you and your goals as a writer.

If you have a blurred vision of yourself, though, you continue to behave in the manner you have in the past and retain the same attitude, beliefs, thoughts, and habits. If you have trouble seeing your work clearly, you may continue producing writing that doesn’t meet the high standards necessary to succeed. You will continue to get the results you’ve achieved to date. If you want different results, you need to change your behavior and mindset.

10 Ways Writers can Gain Clarity

Getting clear isn’t always easy. However, the following tips and strategies can help you gain clarity on yourself and your work:

  1. Ask friends and co-workers for feedback about how to improve yourself, your performance or your writing.
  2. Evaluate your results. What actions, thoughts, beliefs, skills, and behaviors currently help you succeed, fulfill your purpose, or achieve your potential. (Do more of this!)
  3. Consult with an expert—a coach, counselor, or therapist.
  4. Journal daily about your feelings, thoughts, actions, results, and behaviors. Use what you write as a way to pinpoint problem areas and solutions.
  5. Describe your perfect writing day and completed nonfiction writing project.
  6. Describe who you’d like to be (as a writer or author).
  7. Describe how you would like to be known or remembered.
  8. Ask people how they would describe you. Decide if you like the words they use. If not, choose descriptors you like—and live into them daily.
  9. Evaluate what you like to do, are good at, or have passion for in the area of writing and publishing.
  10. Evaluate what you don’t like to do, aren’t good at, or feel disinterested in when it comes to writing and publishing.

Use this information to help you make your decisions and take action to move toward your dreams and goals. The clarity you gain will help you fulfill your purpose and potential.

Do you have clarity in your writing life? How does that help you succeed?

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  1. deborah stanley says:

    Hi Nina, I’m on your email list and greatly appreciate your posts and the Author Training Manual! I want your book on writing articles and note it is on Kindle – I don’t have Kindle — any chance I could purchase a pdf version?
    I want to find a guest blog opportunity. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Maybe you have a post you could send me a link to.
    Thank you for this Clarity piece -excellent & encouraging. best, deborah

    • Deborah,

      There is a sale on right not at There you can get a PDF version, I think…

      Use the code SSW50 at checkout for 50% off during the site-wide promotion!

      (Offer good through July 31, 2016)

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