Will You Enter the Wild World of Kindle Publishing?

Lot’s of writers are talking about Kindle publishing. And why wouldn’t they when novelist Amanda Hocking has become a millionaire by publishing e-books. The 26-year-old self-published author who sold over 450,000 copies of her e-books in January alone. J.A. Konrath also has made more than a significant amount of money selling inexpensive e-books.  Yesterday I read about what this means to publishing in a post by former literary agent Nathan Bransford. Now the news of their success is being discussed in Forbes.

I’m going to make the whole discussion very simple. What does the fact that some authors have found huge success self-publishing e-books for the Kindle mean to you? You  should self-publish your work as an e-book. You should do it now. You should do it on the Kindle as well as in every other e-book format available–and as a POD.

Doing this does not guarantee you will become a millionaire. It does guarantee that your work will have a chance of getting read–especially if it’s good.

I’ve been piddling around. My short books are still just in PDFs. You will soon see them uploaded at Smashwords.com. Then there will be Kindle versions. And my book, which is now being edited, will go up as a Kindle version. Mark my words.

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