Will You Take Inspired Action as a Writer in 2012?

I’ve been thinking all day about what to write in this last post of 2011. I could have offered you some sort of things-t0-do-t0-get-published list or a best-of post. I could have told you to hurry up and finish your to-do list. I decided not to do that. Instead, I thought about what I wanted to encourage you to do in the New Year–and what I wanted to do in the New Year.

I would like you to feel inspired. Not only that, I would like you to take inspired action. Those are the things I want for myself as well.

How do you do that? I have a pretty simple formula: Passion + Purpose = Inspiration.

When you combine your passion–whatever it is you truly feel passionate about–with your sense of purpose or mission in this world (call it soul purpose if you are the spiritual type)–whatever you feel you are meant to do–you will feel inspired. And that sense of inspiration intuitively will inform you about what actions you should take to meet your goals.

This formula works in any area of your life, but I feel it’s an extremely powerful formula for writers to put to use. Why? Because words have a tremendous amount of power. Wisdom teachers throughout the ages have taught that words have the power to create. The question is what do you want to create with your words in 2012?  As a nonfiction writer, do you want to create solutions to problems, healing or inspirational stories, access to information that will heal the planet or create peace? Do you want to help people change their lives or the world?

Whether or not you have read anything about 2012 doesn’t matter, here’s what we all know: The world is in dire need of change. Writers are in a unique position to create change. You can become a change agent with your blog, your essays, your articles, your books.

The question is: Will you feel inspired to write those blogs posts, essays, articles and books? Will you feel inspired to use your words to create change on some level–even a small level?

Will you tap into your passion and combine it with your sense of purpose in the New Year? As a writer, will you feel inspired in 2012? And as a writer, will you take inspired action?

Even if you don’t want to create change on a larger level, don’t you want to create change in your own life? What would happen if you wrote based on inspiration? What would you write about if you considered the topics about which you felt passionate or your mission in life? How would your writing life–or your life–change if you chose your writing topics and projects based on inspiration. And how would writing about those topics change the lives of your readers?

Leave me a comment and tell me how you plan to take inspired action with your writing in 2012.


  1. Thank you for this post. 2011 truly has been the year of inspiration, passion and purpose. Passion has forced me to look past the “I can’t” or “What if” but instead pull from my purpose within and write from my heart. I have learned that my words have power and someone is waiting to hear/read them. I choose to use my words to heal, first myself and second others. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Alishia Willardson says:

    Great post! Inspired action is very important in achieving your goals. I’m going to take inspired action in 2012 by writing & publishing at least 12 self help books. Secondly I’m writing 12 articles. Next plan is to create & follow through with a marketing plan. Then hire an editor & a book cover designer. I believe these are the most important things I can do to have the MOST success in 2012!!!!

    Alishia Willardson,  Author of:
    “Live The Life You Love, You Deserve It and Relationships”

    • Wow, Alishia! Great big plan! You go, girl. You have the passion and excitement necessary, and you have the steps layed out before you. Go do it! And, by the way, everyone wants to live a life they love. This is an evergreen topic that always sells if you have a new and unique take on it.
      If I can be of service as an editor, let me know. (Editorial note: Your subtitle needs a little help….the and relationships part seems like an afterthought and doesn’t quite work).

  3. I continue to be amazed how at the moment I need to hear or see something it is presented to me. This blog was once again one of those moments. 2011 was a year that I discovered my passion and have questioned my purpose.
    This past year I began to share with others (in written form) some of the thoughts that rattle around in my brain. For me it was difficult to release the fear of judgment, but eventually I did. I was surprised by the positive response that I received. Now, I am just a “recreational writer”, a “weekend warrior”, but I have discovered the beauty and power within words.
    Many thanks, and without a doubt you will continue to inspire people during this New Year and beyond. Wishing you all the best!

    • Kathy,
      Thank you for your words. It makes my day when someone tells me one of my blog posts reached them at the right time. You might also enjoy my blog, http://www.asthespiritmovesme.com. I would encourage you to continue pursuing your passion and exploring your purpose in writing and in public in written form. You’ll be amazed at how many people will relate to your journey. Before you know it, you’ll have a large readership, and in the process you’ll discover what it is you are supposed to write about.

  4. First thanks a lot Nina for your support this year. with your posts, your coaching session and the November challenge. It helped me to be inspired and write my first book.

    So for 2012, I’m inspired to blog, land a book deal, and help more people to do what they love and be conscious in the world, as well as find more truths on my journey. I have a modest amount of time for work but I plan to use it the best I can.

    All the best!

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