Write About What You Know: Nonfiction Writing Prompt #40

you are an expertEveryone knows something about something. Maybe you know something about your life or your work. Maybe you know something about your hobby. If you write about what you know—no matter the topic—you become an expert. That’s the awesome thing about being a nonfiction writer.

This month’s nonfiction writing prompt revolves around this basic premise: You are an expert. Leverage that fact, and write about what you know.

Nonfiction Writing Prompt #40: Write About What You Know

To complete this nonfiction writing prompt, make a list of all the things about which you have a fair amount of knowledge.

Then, make a list of your passions.

Do your areas of expertise match up with your passions? If so, make a short list of those topics.

Now, brainstorm article, essay, blog post, and book topics related to your short list (the topics about which you feel passionate).

Finally, choose one project. Give yourself a deadline and commit to finishing it by that date. And start writing about what you know!

What makes you an expert? Tell me below in a comment. 

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