How to Write a Book that Creates a Business

busines around a bookMany authors decide to build businesses around their books after the books are released. But you might specifically want to write a book that creates a business.  Or you may want to write a book to enhance an existing business. To accomplish these goals, you need to set out to write a book with that purpose in mind.

The Structure

The structure of a business-boosting book can vary. For example, you might write:

  • A prescriptive nonfiction book
  • A memoir
  • A  one-big idea book
  • A problem-solution book
  • A question-answer book
  • A list of benefits book

In every case, the structure should focus on what your customers or clients want and need, such as problems solved, questions answered or pain eased. Your book needs to showcase your expertise and knowledge and provide high value as well.

You may also want to structure your book in such a way that you later can use it as the foundation for programs. Think about how your chapters might spin off into webinars, courses, speeches, or workbooks.

Create a System to Support a Book and Business

If you have a process  you use with clients, this might provide a good structure for your book as well. It’s easy to develop chapters around specific steps, ways or tools.

Additionally, if you can devise any type of system that can be repeated you can then use that to structure you book and to support a coaching program.

Elements to Drive Conversion

Your book can include elements specifically meant to generate leads. The most common way to do this involves using calls to action. For instance, in the content of your chapters or in the front or back matter of your book, you might make an offer that sends readers to your website. To receive your offer, they must provide you with an email address. This helps you grow your mailing list, which you can use to contact this business prospects. Such calls to action might include:

  • A free teleseminar
  • A free ebook
  • A free course
  • A downloadable whitepaper or report
  • A ticket to an event
  • A discount on a program
  • A free consult

You also can include a page at the back of your book that lists your additional products and services. Or you can provide a link to a form that request more information on services, such as coaching.

Content that Converts

Of course, high-value content will send clients and customers to your website every time.  Focus on giving readers as many benefits as you can. Showcase your knowledge, authority and experience. As you write, don’t be wishy washy. Avoid saying you “think” or it would “be a good idea” to do something. Assert your expertise and write as if you know what you are talking about. Tell readers what you know they should do based on your knowledge base.

Consider using anecdotes from your successful clients or customers or their testimonials. You need “social proof” in your book just as you do on your website. This will help generate business leads.

Books don’t tend to be big money makers for most authors. However, they can provide a way to create a business. And that can, indeed, produce a career and an income. This is especially true if you plan our book with this in mind.

Have you created a book that helped you created or boost a business? What tips do you have to share? Share them in a comment.


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