Writing Coach Tip: Fulfilling Your Purpose with Prose

Do you feel like you have a purpose? Maybe you call this your soul’s purpose. Do you feel as if you are fulfilling it?

Many writers feel their soul’s purpose involves turning out prose. In other words, they think that to fulfill their purpose they must write–and publish.

If you are one of these writers, to fulfill your purpose you must first know what it it is. Then you can actually write prose that achieves your goal.

Go beyond that vague feeling that by writing you fulfill your purpose. Figure out what you are supposed to be writing about. That’s really the goal. How are you going to help others, serve humanity, better the world with your written works?

Words have great power–to heal, to create, to build, to teach, to gather, to move. What will your words do?

If you need help figuring out your soul’s purpose, consider your interests, your skills, your passions. What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What did you like to do as a child? What do people tell you you are “cut out for”? What kinds of things do you find yourself drawn to doing? These activities more than likely point you towards your purpose.

When you combine your purpose with your words, you will create powerful prose–prose that make a huge difference in the world and in your life.

Today, find your purpose and fulfill it with your prose.

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Nina Amir, the Inspiration to Creation Coach, inspires writers to create published products and careers as authors as well as to achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose and potential. She is the author of How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual, both published by Writer’s Digest Books. A developmental editor, proposal consultant, author and book and blog-to-book coach, some of her clients have sold 230,000+ copies of their books and been published by major publishing houses. A popular speaker and workshop leader, she writes four blogs, has self-published 12 books and is the founder of National Nonfiction Writing Month, also known as the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge.


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