Writing Prompt: Describe Your Reaction to Tim Tebow’s Action on the Field

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I can’t believe it. January is almost over and this is our last Pop Culture Monday writing prompt. If you started with us back in the beginning of January, congratulations for making it this far! If you are visiting WNFIN for the first time, welcome! Today, we are digging into sports trivia to learn a little bit about Tim Tebow and his interesting action on the field.

Let’s talk about the most famous NFL quarterback in today’s society. Known partly for his sports acumen but made famous for his religious beliefs, Tim Tebow is a source of fascination for many people. Even if you don’t know anything about football, I’m sure you must have heard about Tim and a curious thing he does on the field.

Writing Prompt 010
  • Step 1: Do basic Internet research and learn a little bit about Tim Tebow and his activities with the New York Jets NFL football team. See if you learn some interesting tidbits.
  • Step 2: Pay close attention to Tim’s actions on the field. He does one particular thing that is now known by a proper name. Know what it is? Find out why he does that thing and what that thing symbolizes.
  • Step 3: Athletes from different sports have started copying Tim’s action. In some cases, the copying is sincere; in others, it merely signals a pseudo group mentality that “everyone else is doing it, so why not?” Think about the distinction between those two types of copying. How does it make you feel? Do you think it is okay for other athletes to copy Tim’s action? Is there sincerity in there somewhere or is the copying of the action an instant way to bring attention?
  • Step 4: Describe your thoughts and feelings about Tim Tebow’s action and the copycat actions by others. If you do Tim’s action, be sure to incorporate that into your writing.
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