Writing Prompt: Express Emotions About Commodores’ Three Times a Lady

"I Know I Can" WNFIN Prompt 070The Subdued Piano, Week #3

Last week was all about the energetic piano. This week, we keep things low-key with a softer, more subdued piano. This week’s songs feature the piano in a way that sets the stage for reflection. Not every song has to be hard-core. Not every piano note must be blaring in your face. Much can be said about the piano that harmonizes well. Today, your job is to express emotions about the Commodores’ song, Three Times a Lady.

Creative Idea Gal’s Thoughts

Admittedly, Three Times a Lady is a bit slow. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that this song puts people to sleep. However, I challenge you to study this song in preparation for completing today’s prompt, just as you would study any other song or material I give you. Three Times a Lady brings elegance and class in a way that most songs do not generally do.

I love Lionel Richie whether he is with the Commodores or by himself. It wasn’t exactly difficult picking today’s song, though I did have to study it to get a feel for which emotion was strongest.

Creative Idea Gal’s Emotion

My emotion for today’s song is “ballet.” It took me back in time to when I was around 12 years old. I took introduction to ballet and I distinctly remember listening to slow pop songs from the 80s. I loved pop music even back then, but I especially loved how the slow songs fit in so nicely with learning basic ballet moves.

Because Three Times a Lady is so slow, it is easy to visualize a dancer who is just starting out with basic ballet training. First the arms, then the legs. Back into position. Ballet barre exercises glide easily with this song. Exude confidence, but be graceful.

Tips on How to Evoke Emotion in Nonfiction Writing
  • Tip #7 – Have an opinion and showcase it

I may just be the person who is least scared of expressing an opinion. Perhaps that is why my friends call me opinionated. Everyone has opinions about everything, but people are often afraid to express their opinions in formal writing. Note how I distinguished formal writing and did not discuss social media. That is a totally different subject.

People will often say that nonfiction writing should be factual only and not include opinions, but I think that is the wrong way to go. If only research and facts were welcome in nonfiction writing, we would be living in a world of college textbooks and never see the beauty of how-to books, memoirs, and inspirational books, all of which abound with colorful opinions, by the way.

Helpful Resources

“One way to express your opinion publicly is through a letter to the editor in your local newspaper. While every letter may not be published, editors pay attention to well-written letters. This is especially true when there are many letters written on the same topic.”– Tom Seekins for RTC Rural

“Opinion can be very interesting. This I believe. It helps readers understand how you think, even if they don’t agree with you. The best written opinions show how the writer arrives at the opinion, how facts and observations to support these thoughts, and how they are organized and presented.” – Randy Murray, blogger

Writing Prompt 070

Prompt: Express emotions about the Commodores’ song, Three Times a Lady.

  • Step 1: Listen to the song first. Then, watch the video performance. Yes, it is slow and long, but give it its fair chance and listen to it without bias.
  • Step 2: Think about whether the 70s style hair and clothing has any effect on the song. Do you think this song passes the test of time and is valid today?
  • Step 3: Express your emotions about this song. How do you feel about the lovey-dovey aspects of this song?

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