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Is ANYONE attempting the writing prompts listed here on WNFIN? I have received good feedback from the featured bloggers but no indication that anyone is remotely interested in doing the ACTUAL prompt.

Bueller? Bueller?

Y U No

Is anyone out there interested in practicing, honing, and training themselves to be better nonfiction writers? I’m sure at least one person in the huge Internet world may be attempting these prompts. If that is you, please leave a comment. We would LOVE to hear from you!

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Today’s Sub-Theme – Standout Bloggers

Our eighth sub-theme in August’s “All About You” theme is standout bloggers. This is our third and final entry in standout bloggers. On Monday, we featured Kiril Kundurazieff. On Wednesday, we featured Nina Amir. Today, you get to determine what standout blogger gets featured.

Review the bloggers you follow, and decide who you feel shows excellence in all he or she does. Then delve into their sites. Click around. Really explore and begin asking some insightful questions. Then use those questions as the basis to write an expanded profile or essay or send them off to the blogger with a request for an interview you can publish on your blog.

Recap: List of Featured Bloggers

In this space, we will keep a running list of all the bloggers we are featuring in August.

August 2 – Women, God, and Faith: Kirra Antrobus, Maia Duerr, Rachel, Rachel Barenblatt, and Katie Orr.
August 5 – Food Bloggers: Michael Lee West, Tara Kuczykowski, and Robyn Stone.
August 7 – Braniacs: Melanie Martilla, Marc Nash, Val Hudgins, Claudette Young, and Meena Rose.
August 9 – Photojournalists: Darlisa Black, Veronica Roth, Alik Sumin, and Arnoldo Romero.
August 12 – Inspirational folks: Maribel Steel, Beryl Ayn Young, Rachel Macy Stafford, and JoAnn J.A. Jordan.
August 14 – Dad bloggers – Michael Stelzner, Aaron Brinker, Brian Klems, and Oren Miller.
August 16 – Mom bloggers – Sam Kemp-Jackson, Jamie Meteer, Anne Kimball, and J.D. Bailey.
August 19 – Standout blogger – Kiril Kundurazieff
August 21 – Standout blogger – Nina Amir
August 23 – Standout blogger – Your favorite blogger!

Thank you so much to Melanie Marttila, Marc Nash, Kirra Antrobus, Maribel Steel, and Anne Kimball for already answering my questions!

Writing Prompt 099

Prompt: Write a basic profile or expanded essay on your favorite standout blogger.

Writing Tips:
•    Conduct basic Internet research.
•    Answer these questions in your writing: who, what, when, where, why (bonus: how?).
•    Write your profile as descriptively as you wish. More details make your writing juicier!
•    Bonus: interview the blogger by asking him or her questions by e-mail and posting their replies on your own blog. Makes for good reading!

If you complete today’s writing prompt in the form of a blog post, please upload it here! Nina Amir and I want to hear from you!

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  1. I, for one, have enjoyed the profiles I have read, though not many.

    While I have copied down the prompt tips I have not tried to do one.

    Now that I find myself a profile subject (Thank you again!) I am determined to answer my 45 questions, and will read some more of the profiles and if I’m unable to try a prompt will try to leave comments on profiled blogs.

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