Writing Prompt: Write about the History of the Names of Five Music Bands

"I KNow I Can" WNFIN Prompt 053Cool Mud Folks, Week #2

The next person on my list of mud people to discuss is a rock band known as Puddle of Mudd. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Puddle of Mudd formed in 1992, making this a rock band with a 20+ year history. Naturally, the thing I find most interesting about the band is its name. Your job is to write about the history of the names of five music bands.

Creative Idea Gal’s Thoughts

The story behind the name Puddle of Mudd is pretty simple. The inspiration was the Missouri river flood which inundated the band’s practice space. This explanation is similar to the reason why 1980s hair band RATT had that particular name – – because of all the rats the band saw in the garage when they practiced.

I’m sure other bands have far more interesting reasons for calling themselves a certain name that doesn’t necessarily involve seeing something on the floor. Delve into your own music preferences to discover more interesting facts!

Creative Brainstorming Tips

When I was doing research on mud for this month’s topic, I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted to write about. There was no predisposition or stereotypes for me to avoid, because I had a limited view of mud prior to starting writing this month’s prompts.

A limited view on topics is often a good thing. Yes, it is great to know a lot of stuff, but sometimes, as in my case now, it is good to be happy not knowing a lot about a topic because it makes discoveries of new information a lot more enjoyable.

Therefore, be sure to keep an open mind when doing research and enjoy everything you find. Every bit of research is interesting in one way or another.

Helpful Resources

Sometimes, getting quotes and helpful resources for writing prompts can be challenging! Even when researching about “topics that I don’t know about,” the research results themselves are illuminating and interesting. The information below is proof that not knowing about topics makes discovering new things enjoyable!

“Had your cat stuck around in ancient Egypt for long enough, the Egyptians may have eventually come to worship your cat – even going so far as to mummify your kitty after death.” – Oatmeal comics

And strangely enough, clicking on 10 things about being an artist led me squarely to a video about the Maldon Mud Race in England! (Get it? I’m doing research on mud…)

Writing Prompt 053

Prompt: Write about the history of the names of five music bands

  • Step 1: Think about your preferences in music. What genres of music do you like? Which bands are your favorites?
  • Step 2: Do you know the backstory of any of your favorite bands? If you’ve never done research on bands, now is a great time to start.
  • Step 3: Find out why five bands have the names they have. In some cases, the answers are obvious, such as: Van Halen, Jackson Five, and Brian Setzer Orchestra. In other cases, the names of bands and the history behind them are quite interesting. I can think of at least twenty examples of bands that have wickedly interesting names. All you need are five!

Please be sure to leave comments about this writing prompt. We want to hear from you!

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