Agent Proposal Review

Get feedback on your proposal from a real agent!

Wouldn’t you like to know what an agent thinks of your book idea and your book proposal…before you actually submit that business plan to the agent you want to ask for literary representation?

You can get that type of feedback from a real agent when you submit your proposal for an agent review!

With the comments provided be an actual literary agent, you can improve your proposal, make your idea more marketable and take the steps necessary to make yourself into an attractive publishing partner. This increases your chances of landing a book deal when you submit your proposal to other agents.

Agent Book Proposal or Business Plan Review – Your proposal or business plan critiqued and returned with Microsoft Word Track Changes. No line editing. Book chapters extra. Once you have paid: For information on how to submit your work, click here.
Fees – based on page count

Current agents available: Andy Ross, Peter Beren, Gordon Warnock, and Katharine Sands

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