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If you’re feeling frustrated, unmotivated, blocked, in need of guidance, or in any way deterred by the publishing process, hire an Author Coach fast!

frustrated at computerDon’t let your dream of writing and publishing a book die. Don’t let your words (or your ideas) get lost before you get them down on paper or published for people to read.

Instead, hire me, Nina Amir, as your Author Coach to keep you motivated, on track, positive, inspired, passionate, and moving toward achieving your dream of becoming a published author!

Even with a great idea and writing ability, the path to becoming a published author can feel long, arduous and lonely. There is no reason for you to travel that path alone. Get the support, education, training, and motivation you need.

An Author Coach will:

ideation coaching

  • Provide you with guidance about writing and publishing your book
  • Teach you the essentials of how to produce marketable books—ones that sell
  • Educate you on the publishing process and do so from all angles—that of an aspiring author as well as a literary agent or publisher’s acquisitions editor
  • Answer your questions
  • Provide resources
  • Offer coaching, motivation and assistance when you feel blocked or discouraged
  • Serve as your accountability partner
  • Support you at every stage of the writing and publishing process
  • Help you reach your goal
  • Assist you in getting the results you desire

I Provide Customized Author Coaching.

You can hire me on a month-to-month basis and get support on your issues and your book’s issues. I am a true author coach with both traditional and self-publishing experience. I write books on the topic of publishing and succeeding as an author. (See The Author Training Manual.) I’m an 11x Amazon bestselling author. I have three traditionally published books and 17 self-published books.

Typically, I find most of my clients’ issues fall under the umbrella of the nine author training steps included in my Author Training curriculum, but with this option you will not receive Author Training. You receive a package of four personalized coaching sessions per month. This a bit like getting four consults at a discount…so it’s a good deal!

Author coaching can help you achieve any number of desired—and inspired—results. This program is catered to your needs and desires, so you determine what you create in our time together.

When your coaching is complete you might end up with:

  • a draft book proposal
  • a business plan for your book
  • a query letter
  • a mind map of your book
  • a writing plan for your book
  • ideas for a series of spin-off books or a series of books
  • a strategy for how to build a business around your book
  • a blog plan
  • insight into your best publication path
  • new-found confidence and courage to realize your dream of becoming an author
  • knowledge of what social media will be your most effective tools
  • a social media or promotion strategy

During sessions I can:

  • Show you how to use your social media effectively and in a time-efficient manner
  • Develop a step-by-step plan to build a platform
  • Create a media kit
  • Help you develop a blog plan to support your book or build platform
  • Decide how to reach your market with a promotion plan
  • Evaluate your book idea for marketability
  • Mind map your book and its content
  • Brainstorm book ideas
  • Develop ideas for how to build a business around your book
  • Hone your pitch
  • Take the next step…and the next
  • Keep you focused
  • Provide accountability with a schedule or goals
  • Assist you in removing the blocks that keep you from realizing your dream of becoming an author

General Author Coaching sessions are personalized to your needs. Packages include four one-hour sessions per month to keep you moving towards your publishing goals. Sessions must be completed within a 4-week period (with some exceptions allowed). All sessions are recorded (technology willing).

Hire an Author Coach Today!

Choose a goal, and ask me how long it will take to achieve it. Together we will determine a deadline for your coaching (1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or longer).

Or, even better, choose the complete Author Training process, and work with me for three months.

4-hours/month Author Coaching Fee: $697 for 1 month (automatically renews until cancellation)

Robin“I needed accountability and guidance with my second book proposal. My publishers recommended Nina’s services.  Whether you are a beginner, or a well seasoned writer, Nina will help you with accountability, structure and creating a book you never new was in you!”

~Robyn Cruze, author of Making Peace with Your Plate and the forthcoming Raising a Beautiful Child in an Ugly World


julie“I started coaching with Nina so I could finish writing and publish my book; I got so much more! Having written and published several of her own books, notably The Author’s Training Manual, Nina is an eminently qualified coach. She helped me to clarify my direction, research and write a book proposal, develop a platform, get organized and stay on my path. My forthcoming book, How to Say No Without Guilt, is in the works and I feel confident that it will soon be out in the world. I researched several coaches before I hired Nina; she was absolutely the right choice!”

~Julie Hawkins, How to Say No Without Guilt, www.juliehawkins.com.


“Nina gave me some very valuable tips during our phone session. Her advice was the perfect launching pad for me to get to work on my book and really make it happen. Have a pen & paper handy and jot down her advice! Lee Romano Sequeira MadnessMomandMe.com

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Free 15-Minute Strategy Session

Unsure about the next steps in making your publishing dream a reality? Can't decide which course or program best suits your needs? Let's chat, and I'll help clarify your next steps.