How to Submit Your Query Letter or Book Proposal

Easy directions for getting your work critiqued by Nina Amir.

Thanks for your payment and congratulations for investing in your future as a published author. You only get one chance to make a first impression, especially with a publisher.

Now that you have paid for your Book Proposal Quick Critique or Package, your Quick Query Critique or Agent Review, please send your work to Attach your draft proposal or business plan or your query as a Microsoft Word document to your email. Be sure to include your phone number, name and a deadline, if you are in a hurry.

Include a description of your book including genre or category (where it would appear in a bookstore), any particular concerns you have, and a deadline, if you have one.

For “quick” critiques, you will receive your document back with comments—but no line editing—made in Microsoft Word Track Changes. This is basically developmental editing. If you don’t know how to use this program, please learn. (Here is some information. You can find more by Googling “How to Use Word Track Changes.”) It is easy to use. You can address all the suggested changes and then delete all the comments easily. This is the program most editors will use to editor your manuscript. Or, you can follow my comments and suggested changes and make the changes in your original document. (So, don’t stress about it.)

Turn around time is typically within two weeks unless I am particularly busy or traveling.

While my suggest changes will significantly increase your chances of landing a traditional publishing deal, I in no way guarantee that your work will be accepted by a third party. Developmental and line editing is recommended for truly polished work; proofreading helps immensely as well.