What’s at the Root of Your Writing Impasse?

strategies for overcoming writing impasse

In her recent post about How Writers Write: Lessons Learned from Monica Hesse, professional writer Deb Hemley (@dhemley) explored how writing in-depth Continue Reading

The One Factor that Will Help You Write Consistently

necessity helps you write consistently

The most significant challenge writers face is learning to write consistently. They say they want to write daily but instead do so sporadically if at all. I bet you understand—unless you are one of the few who sits down at the computer every day at the same time and knocks out a specific number of […]

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5 Reasons Why Nonfiction Authors Need Career Plans

career plan

Most nonfiction writers and authors take a haphazard approach to their careers. Doing so offers a sure-fire way to bypass success. To achieve your goals as a nonfiction writer, you need to have a big-picture vision of your career—where you are now, where you want to go, and how you will get there. But it’s […]

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Is My Idea Fit to Become a Nonfiction Book?

book idea

Not all ideas are fit to become books. In this guest post, book editor C.K. Bush (@theladyck) offeres important distinctions that help writers determine if an idea should become a book or would be better served as a blog post or article. Before you decide to write a book, you need to determine if the […]

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How Writers Write: Lessons Learned from Monica Hesse

narrative nonfiction

How do writers write? That’s a common question asked by newbie (and even more seasoned) writers. A peek at someone else’s successful writing process can provide keys for developing your own. Today, professional writer Deb Hemley (@dhemley) gives us an inside look at how one narrative nonfiction writer produced her acclaimed book. “At its best, […]

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How Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson Became Mega Authors

podcasts and radio create mega authors

Bestselling authors don’t reach that status simply with good ideas and writing. Mega authors focus on book marketing and promotion. In today’s guest post, Kathleen Gage (@KathleenGage), an internationally recognized Internet marketing advisor, explains the importance of podcasts and radio shows in the making of  successful authors and books. Ask most authors if they would […]

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How to 5X Your Success as a Nonfiction Writer this Year

personal growth helps writers succeed

Every month for a year I’ve challenged you to up your game as a nonfiction writer. Before that, I offered you 52 nonfiction writing prompts. But it’s a new year—and time to switch things up a bit. This year, I want to challenge you to step into your best writing self. What does that mean? […]

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