3 Essential Things to Know About Publishing a Book

I believe there is a misconception about writing and publishing a book. Many aspiring authors hear that it’s easy to become an author. Not only that, Continue Reading

Writing the Perfect Introduction for your Nonfiction Book

book introduction

Most nonfiction books begin with an introduction. If you’ve ever written one, you know it’s a difficult chapter to write…especially whe you’ve not written the rest of the book. In this guest post, book editor C.K. Bush (@theladyck) explains how to get your book written even when you are struggling with the introduction. Now that […]

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July Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Create a New Helpful Writing Habit

writing habits

A lot of aspiring writers say they want to write but don’t. Others write consistently but aren’t productive; they get distracted or procrastinate. Others write inconsistently. No matter what type of writer you are, here’s the truth: You can improve your results by improving your habits. You only an improve your current level of writing […]

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There’s More to Writing than Writing

internal state affects writing

There’s more to writing than writing. Everything in your life affects your ability to write. Your personal life, professional life, hobbies, emotional state, physical state, ability to focus, habits, mindsets, the conditions in which you live… All of this—and more—makes a huge difference on whether or not you sit down and produce words each day. […]

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Taking the Intimidation Out of Setting Up Business Accounts

bank accounts for wrirters

Your writing is a business. Therefore, you need business accounts to run it, including a business bank account, credit cards, and methods to get paid by your clients. Today, author and attorney Helen Sedwick (@HelenSedwick) offers advice on how to create your business accounts and which ones you need. This post is the fourth in […]

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How to Speed Up Your Writing Progress and Productivity

writing productivity and progress

Do you think learning how to become more productive is the primary factor that will make you successful as a nonfiction writer? Or do you think success comes solely from your writing skill and marketable ideas? In fact, while productivity, craft, and ideas that sell, indeed, can make you successful as a nonfiction writer, you […]

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Make Book Reviews Part of Your Book Selling Process

book reviews--essential to marketing plan

No matter how you publish your book, you need to develop a marketing plan. If that plan doesn’t include book reviews, you are missing a huge opportunity to sell more copies. In today’s guest post,  Kathleen Gage (@KathleenGage), an internationally recognized Internet marketing advisor, offers advice on how to get reviews for your book. Without […]

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