10 Things Writers Can Do While Waiting for a Response

Writers spend a lot of time waiting for responses…from publications, from agents, from acquisition editors. Waiting can leave us immobilized. We can find ourselves twiddling our thumbs anxiously in front of the computer instead of tapping our fingers on they keyboard eagerly.

Believe me, I know. I’ve spent more than my share of time waiting. I’m a journalist and an aspiring author. I do have a good number of bylines to my name and I’ve self-published several short books and been included in five anthologies. However, I still wait for editors to accept articles and book proposals–all the time. I’m waiting as I write this blog post.

Which brings me to the point of today’s blog post. What can you do while you wait? First let me say, it’s best not to just wait–or to put your life on hold thinking any minute now you will be very busy writing that article or book. Believe me, I know. You may then turn away some profitable work or waste a lot of time doing piddly things that don’t amount to much in the end. Believe me, I know.

So, here are 10 things you can do while you wait:

  1. Start on a new article.
  2. Start on a new query letter.
  3. Start on a new book.
  4. Start on a new book proposal.
  5. Start a new exercise regimen (while you have time).
  6. Read a book (or two or three).
  7. Write ez-ine articles and news releases.
  8. Create your on-line media kit.
  9. Start or continue a blog.
  10. Answer media requests or pitch the media.

In this way you will stay busy, feel like you are accomplishing something and not focus too much on the fact that you haven’t heard anything yet. Too much dwelling on the silence only leads to negative thinking, which does not help in any way, shape or form. In fact, it typically hinders you from creating what you want–an acceptance letter or call. That’s why it’s much better to stay busy. You’ll find the time passes more quickly that way as well.


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