20 Reasons to Write Your Nonfiction Book Now

Publish your nonfiction book now.Do you have an idea for a nonfiction book, but you haven’t started writing yet? Or have you started writing but not finished your manuscript? Or have you completed the manuscript and not had it edited or designed, so you aren’t yet ready to publish it.

Don’t wait. There’s no time like the present to become an author. Here are 20 reasons to get your book written and published.

  1. Becoming an author makes you an authority or expert in your field.
  2. Books can change the lives of your readers.
  3. A book is an amazing legacy.
  4. A book can make you a professional speaker or help you gain speaking engagements.
  5. Your book allows you to tell your story.
  6. A book allows you to tell other people’s stories.
  7. A book allows you to disseminate information.
  8. A book can be the start of a business.
  9. A book can be a source of revenue when you speak; you can sell books at the back of the room.
  10. A book can be a memorable giveaway item at conferences and conventions.
  11. A book can make you feel you’ve fulfilled your purpose or potential.
  12. Today you can access many readers in many ways—ebooks, blogged books or printed books.
  13. As an author, you can make new friends and form new alliances with other authors.
  14. A book gives you something to discuss on your social networks.
  15. A book makes you a celebrity in many people’s eyes.
  16. Becoming an author makes your family and kids proud of you–and you proud of yourself.
  17. Publishing a book can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments of your life.
  18. Books impress clients and customers.
  19. Books put you in contact with people all over the world.
  20. Authors are media magnets—print, radio and television journalists love to interview authors and help you get your message out to the world.

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P.S. If you need assistance getting your book written or edited, visit Nina Amir, Inspiration to Creation Coach, and see how we can help you become an author!


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