The Author Training Manual

The Author Training ManualNina Amir has written a new book, The Author Training Manual (Writer’s Digest Books, March 2014). She blogged the book—or a good bit of the book—here on this blog. (To find out more about blogging books, read Nina’s bestselling book, How to Blog a Book, or visit her other blog, Below you will find the posts that were published here, which include  the first chapters through step #9, although these are not complete chapters. The final chapter and the sample work with agent and editor reviews, as well as the revised workbook, which is based on her Evaluate Your Book for Success workbook, does not appear on the blog.

In December 2013, Nina began registration for her new course, Author Training 101, which teaches the material in The Author Training Manual.  The initial students were enlisted as beta readers for the new book. They received the first draft of the manuscript as she wrote it and provided feedback. The text that appears on the blog is a revised version of what they saw in most cases but not all. The course began in January and included submitting material to agents and acquisitions editors. The course opened again in September for one more live round of teaching. Author Training 101 is now available as a home-study with a live monthly coaching session.  Click here to register for Author Training 101 home-study course right now so you can go from aspiring to successful published author.

To get a preview of the The Author Training Manual, you can follow along by clicking on the posts below. Only a selection of material (in some cases very large portions) from the draft manuscript has been included in on the blog, and some have been revised so they make sense taken out of context from the entire manuscript. The first 3-4 chapters have undergone LARGE revisions since they were posted. You’ll have to wait for the published book to see the awesome changes! :~) You can preorder the book on

Chapter 1

Why Aspiring Authors Need Training to Become Published Authors (This is out of order in terms of where it falls in the chapter but was published on the blog first)

Why You Need a New Hat and Glass to Become an Author

Learning to Act and Think Like a Publishing Professional

Chapter 2

Every Book—and Aspiring Author—Needs a Business Plan

How Writing a Book Proposal Helps You Prepare to Write Your Book

Chapter 3

Replace “Alice Attitude” with “Author Attitude” for Publishing Success

How to Achieve Publishing Success and Reach Writing Goals

How Willing are You to Wear a Business Hat and Sell Books?

Chapter 4

Can You Tell a Publisher Why You Should Write and Publish Your Book?

Angles and Themes Make Your Book Idea More Marketable

Create a Successful Book with Focus on Reader Interest and Benefits

Do You and Your Book Have a Purpose That Promises Benefit to Readers?

How to Craft a Successful Title for Your Book

How to Write an Overview for Your Book’s Business Plan or Proposal

 Chapter 5

What’s A Market and Why Do You Need One?

How to Describe the Target Market for Your Book

Is Your Book Idea Still Viable Even if Your Market is Small?

Chapter 6

Do You Know If Your Book Idea is Unique and Necessary?

How to Produce a Competitive Analysis of Your Book

Why a Competitive Analysis Improves Your Book’s Chances of Success

 Chapter 7

A Table of Contents Provides a Map and Structure for Your Book

How to Create a Table of Contents for Your Book

Does Your Table of Contents Make Readers Want to Buy Your Book?

 Chapter 8

Chapter Summaries Help You Prepare to Write and Sell Your Book

How to Evaluate Your Chapter Summaries Prior to Writing Your Book

Why It’s Important to Know the Length of Your Book Before You Write It

Chapter 9

Discover Ways to Brand Yourself and Earn More Money as a Writer

How to Sell More Books by Writing More Books

How to Spin Your Book Into Multiple Titles and a Brand

How to Become an Authorpreneur

Are You Financially Ready and Able to Write and Publish?

 Chapter 10

Are You the Best Person to Write Your And Publish Your Book Right Now?

How to See Yourself Through an Acquisitions Editor’s Eyes

When is The Right Time to Write and Publish Your Book?

What is Author Platform and How Do You Create One?

How Big Does Your Author Platform Need to Be?

Do You Feel Compelled to Write and Publish Your Book?

Chapter 11

How Will You Help Your Book Succeed?

How to Create a Promotion Plan That Helps Your Book Succeed