Blogging Your Way to a Book Deal

Since February I’ve been blogging about blogging a book. If that sounds redundant, it’s not meant to be. I’ve been blogging a book about how to blog a book. (I know…that also sounds redundant.)In fact, I’m just about done writing the book–one post at a time.

I started this venture when I was asked to speak at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference about building platform by blogging and blogging books. I knew a lot about the first topic but not so much about the second. In fact, no one on the panel seemed to know anything about the second topic. So, I became the expert by beginning to blog a book and researching some of the books that had been discovered as simple blogs.

In fact, a large number of blogs have been discovered and turned into books. My blog focuses on some reasons why you might want to try your hand at bogging a book and ways to increase the odds of your blog being found by an agent or publisher.

As I’ve said before, authors today must have a blog as part of their platform-building efforts. At this year’s Book Expo America, everyone agreed that publishers and agents are surprised not when an author had a blog but when an author does not have a blog. In today’s publishing world, a blog is a necessity.

Here’s a recent Huffington Post article that talks about some well-known blog-to-book deals and encourages people to blog. You can also read about some of these deals at How to Blog a Book.

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