Find a Market for Your Article: Nonfiction Writing Prompt #6

get your article idea on targetSome writers begin with an article idea and then find a market, or publication, to fit the idea. Others begin with a market and then develop an idea for a particular magazine’s readership. No matter which method fits your personality, you will need to learn how to research markets for your ideas.

By finding the best markets for your work you take a targeted approach to pitching publications. This will help you land more paying gigs—sell more articles—than a scattered querying strategy.

Nonfiction Writing Prompt #6: Find a Market for Your Article

This week’s prompt begins to break down prompt #5, which asked you to pitch an article to a publication. Now you must take time to find and analyze the best market for your article. Then you actually can pitch more successfully.

Every publication has its own market. In other words, Time, Women’s Day, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic all have distinct markets they target. To understand their markets, you must know the demographics of their readers.

Use resources like the 2014 Writer’s Market to help you find magazines or newspapers that would be best-suited for your article idea. You also can do a Google search or go to the library’s periodical section to look at different publications.

Once you have 1-10 publications chosen, you are ready to send a query letter to them.

Leave a comment below telling me what you discovered as you did this research. Share the topic of your article and the types of publications you plan to pitch, if you feel comfortable.

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