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Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been doing some major planning and reorganizing of my work. This involves all aspects of my business. As part of that process, I’m making decisions about the direction I will take. That means I’m deciding what changes to make in my blogs, the courses and services I offer, and the books I plan to write in the future.It’s an exciting and nerve wracking time for me. The revised and expanded edition of How to Blog a Book hits bookstores in about a month (and Amazon before that). I’m working on another book proposal. I have a new ebook that should be released soon as well. Not only that, I’m about to release a new product (or two). And with all that going on, I’m in the midst of change in all areas of what I do!

Basically, I’m exploring how to improve what I do and how I serve. That means I’m evaluating my blog, my courses, and my services. In some cases I’m thinking about creating new offerings, and in other cases I’m considering cutting back (or cutting things out).

For this reason, I’d like to ask a favor.

Doing so will provide me with important information I can use to determine how to move forward with this blog, my educational products, and my coaching services. In fact, filling out the survey is an opportunity for you to influence what I decide to do or to provide for you next.

I realize you may read more than one of my blogs. I’ve addressed this in the survey. However, the fact that you visit multiple sites of mine means you might later see a similar request to complete a survey on one of my other blogs. If you do, please fill out the survey again! Here’s why: I am collecting data on each of my blogs, but the surveys are identical. The only difference is the information you include specific to this blog or to one of the others, such as How to Blog a Book or As the Spirit Moves Me (at

If you only read this blog, no worries! Fill out the survey…just one time…by clicking on the button.

nonfiction writing surveyThank you so much for reading this blog. You keep me blogging and inspired… I hope I do the same for you.

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