May Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Start a Movement

authors of change start movementsMovements. There are tons of them. Occupy Wall Street. The Labor Movement. The Women’s Rights Movement. Arab Spring. The Animal Rights Movement. The Anti-bullying Movement. The Anti-Apartheid Movement.Black Lives Matter. The Pro-Life Movement.

As a writer, you can start your own movement. How? With a book, a blog, and an online presence.

If you want to inspire change, think big. Start a movement of your own.

And that’s your May nonfiction writing challenge: Start a movement.

How do you do that? Read on…and then take action.

Take the April Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Start a Movement

As a writer, you are well-equipped to start a movement with your writing skill. You can produce a book manuscript. You can create blog posts, and you can write social media updates. You’re set.

Now follow these steps.

Choose a Cause

First, decide on a cause. What type of movement will you start? What change do you want to inspire?

Find your Audience

Once you have a movement chosen, get clear on your audience. Who will join your movement?

Write a Book that Starts a Movement

Next, write (and publish) your book.

Lots of books over the years have started movements. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel, Walden by Henry David Thoreau and Silent Spring by Rachel Carson come to mind. But Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning and Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way also inspired movements of their own.

In much the same way, your book can inspire change. It can spark the interest of millions to join your cause. And when the readers take action, you begin to see your movement take hold—and your message make a difference.

Use Your Blog as Your Movement’s Headquarters

Now, turn your website and blog can become a gathering place for those ready to join your movement. Make it the hub or headquarters of your change-inspiring activities.

And don’t wait… Do this while you write your book.

Your blog is your soapbox, the place where you share your message. Your followers can then engage with that message in the form of comments. And they can share your posts to their friends, gathering more people around your website and cause.

Your blog also can provide a safe space where people can join and get involved with your movement. For example, you can add a forum where those interested in your cause can enter discussions and plan ways to help strengthen your movement.

Share Your Message on Social Media

Last, every time you publish a blog post, share. Get your message of change out in a larger way. Talk about it on all your social networks—and include the URL of the post. As you do so, you allow your followers to read the post, comment on it, and share it with their followers, thus increasing your reach.

The more people that see your blog post, the more people who potentially can join your movement. So share often!

With this information, you’re ready to start your movement. Get the book written and published ASAP! Start your blog while you write your manuscript, and share daily on your social networks.

Before you know it, you’ll have a group of people asking how they can get involved and sharing your mission with their friends. You’ll have started a movement.

What type of movement would you like to start?

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