The One Thing You Must Do to Achieve Your Writing Goals

you stop yourself from achieving writing goalsDo you achieve your writing goals always, occasionally, or never? If you didn’t answer “always,” the reason you don’t achieve your goals more often can be explained in one word: you.

Yes. It’s your fault.

I don’t want to make you feel guilty but admit it… You stop yourself from achieving the results you desire. You get in your own way.

Isn’t it time to get out of your way? Stop stopping yourself. And knock your writing and publishing goals out of the park this year!

Master Yourself to Master Goal Achievement

How will you do that? Simple: Grow. Change.

Dive into personal development, so you develop the mindsets and habits necessary to achieve your writing goals.

Your current habits and mindsets have only helped you create your current level of success as a writer. To accomplish larger and more important goals this year—or even the smaller ones or ones you never achieved last year, you need a new and improved you.

When you learn how to master yourself, you’ll master goal achievement.

Why Personal Development Rather than Writing and Publishing Skill

People often ask me why I became a Certified High Performance Coach and focus on personal growth so much of the time. The answer is easy. Personal development is the foundation for success at anything—including writing.

I haven’t always been motivated to sit at my desk and produce work daily. I haven’t always been productive, creative, positive, or confident about my writing or career.

But I worked on myself. I read books and took courses on personal development. I got coached. I changed. I became a person who could succeed as a writer.

And you can, too.

Maybe you have some big, audacious writing and publishing goal, like writing a book that starts a movement. Possibly, you have a small one, like getting one of your personal essays published. In either case, you must possess the habits and mindsets that help you achieve these goals.

You can’t make excuses about why you can’t write, tell yourself you aren’t good enough, or believe it will be hard. You can’t stop every time you a challenge presents itself. These behaviors and ways of thinking will not support achievement of your goals.

Instead, you have to influence yourself to sit down and write—no matter what, confidently and consistently produce your work, embrace the struggle, and take action toward your goals daily, such as sending query letters or building platform.

Like the late Wayne Dyer taught, you have to tell your negative thoughts to “be gone.”

If you don’t do that already—if this is not your normal way of being, you must figure out why and how you can.

That takes internal work. That takes personal growth.

And personal development can be harder than writing or getting published. But it’s just as satisfying.

To Change Others, First Learn to Change Yourself

I believe nonfiction writers are change agents. They write books that transform lives, communities, organizations, and the world.

But to inspire others to change, to get people to enlist in your movement, you must be familiar with change, you must know how to change, and you must have evolved into a leader as well as a writer.

You have to write the book. Get the article published. Build your platform.

You have to take action. You have to do what you say you will do. You have to achieve your goals.

Otherwise, no one will ever know you have a movement. You won’t be able to inspire anyone.

Figure out how to become the best writer you can be—and the best person you can be. Only then can you accomplish your goals and make a positive and meaningful difference with your words.

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