The Really Special Thing About Becoming an Author

Do you have a change-inspiring book to write?There’s something really special about becoming an author, and it has nothing to do with holding a published book in your hands, “author” status, seeing your name in print or selling a lot of copies. It has everything to do with having a positive impact on other people’s lives. That means you can inspire them to change personally or to change the world. You can actually author change, or become a change agent.

Use Your Skill Set

When I decided to write and publish books, I wanted to produce books that would change lives and better the world in some way. However, I realized that my skill set actually could help other aspiring writers with important messages get those messages out into the world. Also, I had more author platform in the area of writing and publishing. So I turned to writing books about writing and publishing. It’s been wonderful to have writers from all over the world write to me and say, “You inspired me to write and publish (or blog) my book.”

It’s important to consider your skill set and experience—and platform as you turn to writing your book. However, not everyone wants to use these to change the world. Even I have other topics I feel compelled to write about, that I feel align with my soul purpose (and hopefully you will see those published in the next few years, if not sooner). What you know could change someone’s life, though, or could be used to change the world in some manner. For instance, through editing and coaching or consulting I can help other writers produce books that better the world.

Change Lives, Better the World

Every book makes a difference in someone’s life, I’m sure. The books and authors I personally like to read and to work with, though, are those want to do the same thing I wanted, and still want, to do: change lives and better the world. I love inspirational, body/mind/spirit and self-help books. However, I’ve edited other types of books, like Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change by Ed Oakley and Doug Krug, for example, which is a business book with an inspirational messages embedded in it. I’ve been thrilled to watch such books become long-time sellers, which means they are creating change in a variety of areas, such as business leadership.

I get inspired by reading these books as well as by working with authors who want to make a difference. Helping them makes me feel I’m making a difference. There’s nothing wrong with other types of books, I just prefer these.

Discover Your Inspirational Message

What information or message do you have to give the world that will make an impact? What can you tell someone that will make him or her take notice? Can you write a book that creates a ripple affect of positive action or energy? I hope so because that’s when you realize why you truly want to become an author—or became one. If you don’t know what inspirational message you want to impart via your written work, your first job is to uncover it. Then you can set out to write your book.

Authorship is not about the money or bestseller status. It’s about the lives you touch and the impact you make on the world. And the world needs authors who can positively impact it now more than ever.

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