What New Technology are You Tackling in 2012?

Technology. Sometimes I really hate it. I’ve spent days trying to figure out how to get a video to work on my computer from an expensive camera my husband purchased. In the end, I spent more hours discovering how to video myself using my computer’s camera–and then more time figuring out how to edit the video. (Then I lost the editing capability with that particular program when I changed from Vista to Windows…) I’ve crashed a blog–temporarily losing several years of posts–with a new plugin installed in seconds, and then had to spend hours into the night with my webmaster fixing the problem. I’ve spent hours figuring out how to develop a small piece of art and upload it to my website or to a social network. These past few weeks I’ve spent hours–days–trying to figure out how to podcast.

And all of this happens while my writing work waits and my paid client work gets backed up. I stay up late into the morning trying to catch up.

Why? Because learning new media is imperative for a successful writing career. If you can pay someone take to do these things for you, great. If not, better learn how now. Buck up. Take the time to learn.

You know what. You’ll feel great after you’ve done so. I sure feel great about posting this, my very first podcast: What New Technology Are You Tackling in 2012! Yes…it was a hassle. I was stressed. I now have to catch up on my work. But….I did it! Whoo-hoo! I can add “podcaster” to my ever growing list of titles.

What new technology will you learn this year?


  1. Robert Medak says:

    I would like to get my All-In-One computer and wireless printer fixed so I can have the extra tools.

    • LOL. I’d like lots of things to help me with new technology…namely someone to do it all for me. I spent hours learning something yesterday. I was so happy when I finally got it–and proud. A new Mac would be helpful.

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