What's Your Payoff for Not Writing? (Part 3)

Yesterday I published part two in my series on payoffs for not writing. (You can read part one here.) Today I conclude the series with part three, which discusses how to create new payoffs for actually writing.

What I called “positive” and “negative” payoffs in my previous posts all constituted ways to avoid something that might be achieved by writing. In your mind the “something” you avoided seemed positive or negative. For example, you avoided failure and your fear of failure. Or you avoided success and your fear of success.

Both of these types of payoffs effectively create the same result: You don’t write.

To use payoffs to get yourself to write you must figure out what writing will get you that you want badly. So, ask yourself, “If I write and publish my work, what will I gain? What will I get in return? What will my payoff be for actually sitting down and writing and then going the extra step and getting that writing published?

Fame? Fortune? Fulfillment? Peace of mind? Sense of achievement? Credibility? Clients? A chance to be heard?

When you can identify those writing-related payoffs you strongly desire and around which you have deep-seated emotions, then you will find yourself writing as often as possible. You’ll want to achieve those payoffs no matter what.

Therein lies the key. If writing earns you something you truly desire on an emotional level, you will write. In fact, you’ll write as if your life depended upon it.

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