WNFIN 2010 Participants

WNFIN isn’t a contest. No one judges you. No one looks over your shoulder or counts your words. That said, sometimes it’s nice to know who is participating…or to add your name to a list of participants so you feel you are being held accountable for starting and finishing your project in the allotted time–30 days.

If you would like to add your name to the list of WNFIN  2010 participants, you can do so by adding a comment here. You can also say what you are writing about, how many words you plan to write each day or week, how many words you plan to write in 30 days, etc. Then, come back at month’s end and let everyone know if you reached your goal.

Nina Amir will be reading all the comments. If you report in at the end, she’ll be sure to leave you a comment in return.

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