Writing Prompt: How Do You Feel About Confession?

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The act of confession typically involves the telling of one’s perceived sins to a religious official, like a priest or another who has the power to forgive. In my opinion, confessions are controversial because they put the power of forgiveness and healing into man, when such power is best left to God himself. Others may feel differently! Now is a great time to formulate your own opinion. Your job is to answer this question: How do you feel about confession?

Creative Idea Gal’s Thoughts

My experiences with confession are limited to my Catholic upbringing. My Catholic school education taught me that confessions were a necessary part of our religion. Just like everything else I was forced to do, confessions proved to be a drag. After I entered college, I rebelled against Catholic principles for a while. After I got married, I calmed down a bit and started embracing Catholicism once again. Now that I have two kids, Catholic principles are a major part of my life – except the act of confession, which I still have a problem with. Next year, my daughter will be receiving her first communion and most likely will be confessing her sins for the first time. I may just give in and confess when that time comes!

Helpful Resources

For today’s prompt, I offer:

A fascinating peek into the Jewish practice of Viduy confession prayers, which are typically recited “before one departs from this world.”

An extended study of confession and Daniel’s prayer.

Writing Prompt 029
  • Step 1: Think about confessions in your religion or in your prayer habits. Are there rules associated with the act of confessing?
  • Step 2: Think about the last time you went to confession. How did you feel? Did the act absolve you of your perceived sins as intended? Even if you’ve never been to confession in your life, it’s still good to think about it.
  • Step 3: Answer the question: How do you feel about confession? Write! Add definitions and personal perspectives. Suggestion: create your writing in the form of an opinion, essay, blog post, or social media blurb (status update, post, tweet).
  • Bonus Step: If you own a blog and wish to share a link to the blog post that contains your response to today’s writing prompt, we welcome your permalink and encourage you to post it as a comment below!

Note: You get major brownie points for fleshing out your writing into rich subparts or adding historical perspectives to your writing.

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