Writing Prompt: Write about Dr. Maya Angelou’s Recent Business Venture

"I Know I Can" WNFIN Prompt 020Dr. Maya Angelou Wednesday

In today’s writing prompt, we focus on an interesting turn of events that leads Dr. Maya Angelou to a unique business venture. We already know that Dr. Angelou has done a great deal of writing. She’s a published author, an accomplished public speaker, a champion within the civil rights movement, and a general inspirational person for all. In May 2012, Dr. Maya Angelou surprised us all by starting a business that is completely outside the realm of her previous experiences. Your job is to find out about Dr. Angelou’s recent business venture and write about it.

Writing Prompt 020
  • Step 1: Do basic Internet research on the current events and goings on of Dr. Maya Angelou. Acquaint yourself with her relationships with others.
  • Step 2: One particular relationship of Dr. Angelou’s inspired the creation of a new business in May 2012. Find out who inspired Dr. Angelou and what type of business she created.
  • Step 3: Determine whether this business benefits people and list your reasons why you feel that way. Bonus points if you include a short history about Dr. Angelou’s previous business ventures.
  • Bonus Step: If you own a blog and wish to share a link to the blog post that contains your response to today’s writing prompt, we welcome your permalink and encourage you to post it as a comment below!

Please be sure to leave your comments about this writing challenge and prompt below. We want to hear from you!

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