You Can Blog a (Short) Book in a Month

NaBoBloMo, blog a book, book blogging, I don’t normally do too much cross promotion between my blogs, but I though some of you might like to try your hand at blogging a book in a month. Over at How to Blog a Book (the blog, not the book) we are having some fun blogging short books in 30 days during National Book Blogging Month (NaBoBloMo). Never heard of this event before? Well, that’s because I created it.

I figured spring was in the air. New creations can be found everywhere  in the natural world. Why not in the physical world as well? And why not before summer, when we all get busy and don’t get around to starting or completing our writing projects?

And where better to quickly create a short book but on your blog? Nowhere that I know of. By writing and publishing a post of 250-1,000 words for 30 days, or even just for the remainder of the month, you can complete a short book, like a tip book, a step book, a booklet, or even a workbook, handbook, white paper, or manifesto. It will only take you about an hour a day or less, depending on the length of your post.

The reason we are only writing short books, and not long books, is simple. The concept behind blogging a book involves blogging over time to not only get your book written but to also build an author’s platform–a readership for your book. You can’t do that in just 30 days. At least the average blogger can’t. So, the goal is simply to use your blog as a way to write your book fast. I want you to just produce a short book fast, or, more accurately, the first draft of your book.

When you are done, you can enter my contest: If you’ve completed at least a 7,500-word manuscript in a month, submit it to me to win a FREE, signed copy of How to Blog a Book, the book. Include a table of contents, a 50-word pitch, and an overview of the book (synopsis). It must arrive by 12 p.m. 4/30/12 Pacific Time.  Email it to me at nina (at) ninaamir (dot) com. I’ll choose the most interesting and marketable idea–or the one that strikes me in some way as the most unique–to win the copy of my new book.

In the meantime, check out the great info on how to blog a short book fast over at How to Blog a Book. And don’t forget to preorder a copy of the book; when you do you get a free 15-minute blog-to-book coaching session. Get the details here.

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