Blossom into Your Best Writing Self

bloom into your best writing selfSpring has arrived and with it a challenge for you to bloom as a writer.

I love this quote from Elizabeth Appell, which applies perfectly to this challenge:

…And then the day came when the risk to remain tight, in a bud, became more painful than the risk it took to blossom…

Think about it… If you were to blossom into your best self as a writer, what would you, your life, your work look like? And what would you need to do or change to become that writer?

On the other hand, consider this: How does it feel or look when you remain a bud and don’t bloom, when you refuse to allow your petals to spread and flower fully?

Hard vs. Easy

You exert more energy trying to stop the natural flow of moving into your best writing self than you do by allowing it. In fact, when you let yourself express your authenticity, passion, creativity, and insight via your written words, you will feel so relieved. The stress and struggle will diminish…even disappear. A weight will lift off your shoulders.

Writers talk about the work being hard. Yes, sometimes it is. But when you express yourself authentically, when you write about the things about which you feel passionate, when you produce work that serves others, it seems easy. Your fingers fly across the keyboard, and in your soul, you know the words you write are important and will have impact on readers.

April Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Blossom into Your Best Writing Self

This month, mimic the spring flowers. They push through the soil, despite the difficulty, because it is what they are meant to do. It’s their natural path to becoming all they can be.

Then they grow towards the sun, bud, and transform themselves into gorgeous blossoms. They fulfill their potential and those who see them benefit from their beauty and scent.

Model the flowers. Push yourself through the difficult moments when you feel called to come out of the darkness and move towards the sun. Start to write…from your heart and soul.

Then grow taller, stronger and surer. Allow your ideas to gain momentum and to take shape. Continue writing, and share your work with the world.

Allow yourself to unfold completely showing the beauty you have within…become the flower you know is inside you. Allow yourself to stand tall and beautiful…a writer who impacts the world around you…who makes a positive and meaningful difference with your words.

Here are some questions you can journal about to help you achieve this month’s challenge:

  1. How would it feel to expressed my best self as a writer?
  2. How painful is it for me to not express myself fully as a writer?
  3. To blossom into my writing potential, how would I have to change? What habits would I have to develop or what actions would I have to take?

The write…and share your writing. Step into your best writing self.

How do you ensure you fulfill your writing potential and become your best writing self?

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