Are you in love with your subject matter?

Are you in love with your subject matter? As a writer, today–Valentine’s Day, fall in love with your topic (if you haven’t already)!

Here’s the thing. If you want your readers to fall in love with what you write, you must love your topic. You must feel passionate about it. You must feel inspired when you sit down to compose your copy.

Usually inspiration comes from a combination of purpose and passion. When you feel you have a mission in life and writing fulfills that mission in some way, you feel passionate about what you write. Write from that place of inspiration, and your readers feel it. They will feel inspired. They will feel passionate.

Just like a good romantic relationship has passion, writers must develop that passion with their subject matter. Today, take some time to determine if you have a spark with your content, your topic.

If not, maybe it’s time to seek a divorce and look for a new soul mate–a new topic about which to write. You will thank yourself when you sit down to write the next time and you are filled with purpose, passion and inspiration. Your readers will thank you, too, when they are taken along on the romantic ride through your published work–and you don’t have to be writing romance! (I’m talking primarily about nonfiction.) They’ll fall in love with you and your written work.

Ultimately, that’s what you need to succeed as a writer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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