August Nonfiction Writing Challenge: Create a Daily Writing Habit

daily writing habitWriters write…daily. If you haven’t developed the daily writing habit yet, it’s time to start—especially if you want to succeed as a writer.

A perfect time to write will never arise.

You can’t wait for inspiration to hit. You have to put fingers on the keyboard and invoke your muse to join you every day. For many people, this also means writing at the same time daily.

You can’t wait for the time to write. You have to find that time….make the time. Give something up or organize your time in such a way so you can write regularly.

If you don’t think you have the time to write daily, think again. Everyone can write for at least 15 minutes per day…if they really want to write. (Do you really want to write?)

How to Write Daily

Here’s my advice for those who want to write daily and don’t: Start small.

Begin by writing for 15 minutes every day. That’s it. Just 15 minutes. You can wake up in the morning or stay awake longer so you can write for 15 minutes. You can do this on your lunch hour or while in the carpool lane.

You’ll be amazed how this 15-minute-writing habit turns into a daily 30-minute writing practice and then a daily 60-minute writing practice…and more.

Or write 250–500 words per day…just one or two pages. You probably can do that in 30 minutes if you approach the task with focus. It won’t take long until you are writing 500 to 750 words per day.

Plan to Write Daily

Here’s the key to being productive in the time you have to write:

  • Plan your writing time. Schedule it on your calendar.
  • Plan what you are going to write. Don’t sit down and wonder what to write; for example, know that today you will write a blog post on such-and-such topic or the introduction to your book (and have a list of topics you want to address in that introduction).

These two tips will skyrocket your ability to write daily and the level of productivity you achieve during your writing blocks.

Do you have tips for writing daily? Share them in a comment below.

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