Create a Sacred Writing Space: Nonfiction Writing Prompt #16

candles create sacred spaceTalking about making writing time a priority is one thing. Talking about making your writing and your writing time sacred is something else entirely.

Now we are into the realm of spirituality. I won’t bring up the “G” word here, but with this prompt I do want you to consider what you hold sacred and what feels sacred to you. Is your writing sacred? When you write do you feel you connect with something Higher or with your soul?

If you, like me, feel that the act of writing does, indeed, connect you with that part of you that was created in the image of God (there…I said it) and that is linked to the Divine, you may want to consider creating a sacred space within which to write. Actually, think of your writing as a sacred act. You might find that doing so makes you feel more inspired and, therefore, helps you not only make time to write but get more accomplished during that period.

Nonfiction Writing Prompt #16: Create a Sacred Writing Space

To complete this prompt, spend some time in your current writing space, or choose a new one.

  • First, look around, then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to feel what it is like to be in the space. Does it feel sacred or spiritual? Calming? Connecting?
  • Second, make a list of ways you could make this feel like a space sacred. These might include:
    • Creating a pre-writing period ritual during which you light a candle, set an intention, meditate, or say a prayer.
    • Creating an altar with a candle, crystals, photos, incense, chimes, or other objects your find spiritual or that set a spiritual “tone.”
    • Cleaning your office and then placing sacred objects on your desk or around the room.
    • Adding a fountain and inspirational music for atmosphere.
    • Hanging inspirational art on the walls.
  • Third, make these changes.
  • Fourth, ritualize the changes you have made. Actually create a ceremony to initiate your new sacred writing space. You could:
    • Light a candle and incense and say a prayer for abundant, prosperous and connected writing to happen in the space.
    • Visualize what writing in the space each day will be like.
    • Invoke your idea of God into the space—ask the The Original Creative One to come to work with you every day in this new sacred space and to help you feel inspired.

How do you feel about creating a sacred space in which to write? Tell me in a comment below.

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  1. This is so timely, Nina! I have been clearing out the spare bedroom (also known as ‘the place where everything we don’t know what to do with ends up’), for ages in preparation for turning it into my studio. I keep getting sidetracked with other projects, and had begun to lose my vision of a beautiful space where I could write, meditate, do yoga, and curl up with a good book.

    Two days ago, I saw a decorative pillow that I just fell in love with (at Wal Mart, of all places). Instead of just admiring it, I put it in the cart, found an amazing 3-panel canvas that complements it perfectly, and picked up paint swatches to match.

    Those small purchases (around $50), completely re-invigorated my desire to complete the clearing out process of my studio so I can paint and move my desk and a comfy reading chair in. You’ve given me great ideas about taking a home improvement project to a ‘higher’ level. Thank you.

  2. I share an office with my husband, no place feels like my sacred place. We do have a guest bedroom plus a den/family room that are only used on the rare times when our kids visit, I still can’t find what I could call my own writing place.

    • Marta,

      You can create sacred space right on your desk. Create a little altar with a fountain, candle and sacred items of your own. Every day light the candle, write an intention on a piece of paper and place it near the candle or fountain, and light some incense. Then sit quietly for a moment before you begin work.

      Or use that family room. My meditation room becomes a guest room when we have company. It is dual purpose. Move your laptop in there for several hours a day and create an altar in there. I have many sacred objects in my meditation room that get moved when someone comes to visit.

      And remember that you can create sacred space and a ritual anywhere at any time. Spread a beautiful table cloth on your kitchen table each morning. Set out your candle, incense, crystals, pictures, or whatever you like. Set up your laptop. Sit there and say a prayer or meditate prior to working. Do this daily and, viola! You have a ritual and sacred space.

  3. You are right, although I do not use candles. Thank you so very much. Do you have suggestions on picking a pen name? I hope this is helping others not just me.

    • Marta,

      I don’t recommend using a pen name. Eventually, readers discover your real identity and it makes it hard to promote. Only do this if you plan to actually tell people you are using it.

  4. Taylor Cochran says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am a huge believer in the nine muses (Goddess Calliope, Goddess Clio, Goddess Erato, Goddess Euterp, Goddess Melpomene, Goddess Ourania, Goddess Polymnia, Goddess Terpichore, and Goddess Thalia). So I’ve been looking for something I could turn in to a scared space where I could work on my art, writing, and music in divine harmony with them. I thank you greatly for this article. 🙂

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