How Can You Author Change with a Book?

How to write about creating changeAs a writer in today’s world, you possess an awesome opportunity to become the author of change. You have so many tools at your disposal to help you inspire others to take up your cause, to share your message and to become change agents. In this way, you, too, become a change agent. You become an author of change.

Writing a book may be your dream, but you have a lot of options when it comes to authoring change. You can self-publish a book or try to land a traditional publishing contract. Additionally, you can create change by authoring an ebook. You can even blog a book.

Or you can simply blog and create change that way. By tying your blog into your social media and traditional media efforts, you can create amazing, life-changing and world-changing communities.

How exactly do books create change? They do so by offering an inspiring message that moves readers to take action. For this to happen, readers must feel a core need or reason to do something. The author must offer enough added benefit or value for creating change, becoming part of the movement or spreading the message–doing something–that they do, indeed, act. In most cases, this means touching them on an emotional basis.

For you to write a book that creates change–personal or social–it needs to be:

  • inviting
  • personal
  • relatable

You want to write with:

  • authenticity
  • passion
  • purpose

Yet, you must provide:

  • concrete data
  • convincing arguments
  • expert status or authority

You could write a memoir, a manifesto, a prescriptive book, or theoretical study. You might even write fiction. The following books were influential in changing  many people’s lives and starting movements large and small:

Do you have books you’d add to this list?

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  1. Nina, I long ago decided I could achieve more with the power of the pen rather than most any other way. Having said that, I also see that, with the polarization going on in the US, an author may do the good he or she hoped for more effectively if he or she avoids taking political sides. I’m also finding that some topics one supposes everyone would more or less agree on can be politically charged. Sigghhhh! The writing life is not what it once was.

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