1. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for this, Nina. I have a number of “first bylines” in local newspapers, group newsletters and online venues including journals and guest posts (including yours).

    I recently wrote a story which I think is one of my best. Now the challenge is to get the most prestigious possible byline. And I want to do that without spending dozens or hundreds of hours becoming an expert at submitting. I recently heard of a paid service called which, for a fee, will do the research for me. Have you heard of this service or anything like it? Any other thoughts about “climbing the ladder” to the next rung?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jerry Waxler
    Memory Writers Network

    • Hi Jerry,

      I know of, and I think they are not inexpensive to use. Here’s my thought on using their service: It could be impersonal as seen from the editor’s perspective depending on how the service actually works. I’ve always done my own pitching. If you can get them to do the research but not have them query, maybe that’s worth your money. If you feel uncertain about your query, you could have them write it…but you could also ask some seasoned pros to edit it as well.

      The issue with writing the piece first and then placing it second is that you didn’t target it for the specific market. You are now trying to find a market to suit the piece, and that could mean they ask you to rewrite or say no simply because it wasn’t written “for them.” Does that make sense? It won’t be perfect for their readers.

      If it is a piece written on a specific topic, the pool of available prestigious publications shouldn’t be too large. I think you could do the research in an hour or two.

      And, by all means, contact me with more blog post ideas. Send a pitch!

      Hope that helps.


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