How to Turn Current Life Issues Into Writing Topics

I’ve often found that the the current life issues with which I’m struggling make the best topics for personal essays, researched articles, blog posts, information products, and even books. Sometimes these issues may not even be ones I’m directly experiencing; they may be problems I see my family members dealing with, but I want to find answers or solutions to those problems.

How do you turn your current life issues into writing topics? First, ask yourself, “What am I struggling with right now in my own life?” Or “What problems are those I love struggling with that I’d like to help them find solutions to?” Use your answers to create topics.

These become a springboard for a book, article, blog post, or essay. Interview experts to get the answers or advice you need and then share that with readers struggling with the same issues. Or if you have actually found solutions through your life experience, share what you have learned; you then become the expert on the subject. You also can combine first-person accounts with expert research.

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