Nonfiction Writing Prompt #44: Speak Your Way to Successful Authorship

writing prompts for nonfiction writersMost writers don’t want to become speakers. That’s not surprising since many writers are introverts, and Americans tend to fear public speaking more than death. However, speaking provides a powerful path to successful authorship.

That’s why I want to challenge you to become a speaker as well as a writer. It’s not as difficult as you think.

Most successful nonfiction authors are speakers as well. Speaking not only provides a source of income, but this activity helps the authors sell more books and enhance their expert status. Speaking also provides a fabulous way to build author platform.

That’s why you, too, want to become a speaker.

How to Complete Nonfiction Writing Prompt #44

To complete this prompt, Speak Your Way to Successful Authorship, develop three 30-minute talks you can give to groups or as a teleseminar or webinar.
If you already have a nonfiction book published or if you have planned out a book, begin by looking at your chapters for material for talks. You might find that each chapter in your book offers a good talk subject.

Here’s another strategy: Take the subject of each chapter and combine them all into an overview of your topic; this makes a good speech as well. Each chapter becomes a point in your talk.

If your nonfiction book contains a process or system, use this as the foundation for a speech. Take your audience through each step in a condensed manner, which leaves them wanting more so they purchase your book.

If you haven’t yet written your nonfiction book or you are just getting started with your book plan our outline, this is a super time to think about how to speak about your topic. You can build talks into each chapter! Think of each chapter as an opportunity to speak to an audience and educate them on the subject. How would you do so? Write the speech, and build the chapter out from there.   

Or, even better, create a series of talks based on the chapters of your book. You then can speak your book into existence! There are some people, like entrepreneurs, who feel more comfortable speaking than writing. If you want to write a nonfiction book to boost your business, but you don’t consider yourself a writer, speaking your book solves your problem. If you already speak on your topic, this strategy will work well for you. You just need to take the time to plan out the best possible book in enough detail so you easily can speak it. (If you need help with this process, click here.)
If none of these options help you generate talk topics, then spend some time brainstorming ideas related to your book subject or theme. Anything you speak about that leads people to your book works!

Or think about the different types of groups to whom you might speak. You can generate speaking topics based on your audience. Cater the topic to their wants and needs.

Finally, challenge yourself! Create your talks, and then find an audience—or create one of your own by scheduling and promoting a teleseminar or webinar. In other words, go speak!
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