How to Participate in WNFIN/NaNonFiWriMo

Participation in the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge (WNFIN), or National Nonfiction Writing Month (NaNonFiWriMo), is very simple. It operates on an honor system…no word counts logged in here or even official registration. It’s a personal challenge, not a contest.  So this is really up to you. You just rise to the occasion. You grab the opportunity to start and finish a work of nonfiction in 30 days. You take the challenge. (Learn more about WNFIN here.)
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How to Participate in the WNFIN Challenge

That said, here’s how you participate in the challenge:

  1. Register for email updates.
  2. “Like” the Write Nonfiction in November Facebook page.
  3. Subscribe to blog post updates

That’s it. Easy schmeazy, right?

Just pick a project, prepare to write, and start writing on Nov. 1. Finish on Nov. 30. Learn a lot in between by reading the blog and watching the videos.

Nonfiction Writers UniversityWNFIN Expert Interview Videos:

If you would like to receive access to the weekly videos of interviews with nonfiction experts on creativity, writing books, publishing, productivity, and monetizing your books and to WNFIN group coaching and virtual writing days, become a member of the Nonfiction Writers’ University for a $1 trail period of 30 days. Get more information and register here:

Details for the 2016 challenge:
  • This year, there will be no WNFIN forum.
  • All interactions and announcements will be made on the Write Nonfiction in November Facebook page and via email.
  • Please “LIKE” the Write Nonfiction in November Facebook page to be sure you have the ability to engage with other participants and ask questions.
  • To ensure you get all notifications about the WNFIN Challenge, subscribe to the MAILING LIST. Click here to subscribe and get email updates about the event. (I HIGHLY recommend signing up for email updates so you don’t miss any exciting news or contests!)
  • As in the past, there will be a few CONTESTS for free books. They will be announced by email ONLY. The contests will revolve around commenting on posts on the Facebook page (another reason to “like ” it.
  • The BLOG will feature round-up POSTS of tips from 4-5 experts on WEDNESDAYS.
  • Be sure to click here to receive posts from the blog or to watch the Facebook page so you see all the great content.
  • There will be 2-4 VIRTUAL WRITING DAYS and 4-5 WNFIN GROUP COACHING SESSIONS during November (if you are a Nonfiction Writers’ University Member (NFWU)—see below for more information on the NFWU).
  • There will be a VIDEO INTERVIEW with an experts every MONDAY in November…and possibly other videos as well (for NFWU members only).
  • All WNFIN videos be featured in the Nonfiction Writers’ University (NFWU). (They will not be published publicly on the blog.)
  • Become a WNFIN member for only a $1 and gain access to the WNFIN videos, coaching, and virtual writing days AND to everything the NFWU has to offer. Join the NFWU here: At the end of your 30 day trail period, you will be charged $29.99 per month until you cancel. (Even if you only stay one more month, you’ll have gotten way more than your investment in that time.
Don’t Miss Any Important Notices!

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Prepare for the challenge now…National Nonfiction Writing Month will soon be here.


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