WNFIN Challenge Helps Your Ideas Become Published Products

Note: During the month of November, this blog dovetails with its sister blog, Write Nonfiction in November. The content there, consisting of a month’s worth of posts written primarily by experts in the field of nonfiction writing, publishing and book promotion–and a few by me, are too good not to share with you here. Plus, editing them, writing introductions to them and posting them there is too big a job to do while also writing posts for this blog. And, this blog was created to “live” while WNFIN lay dormant, which happens 11 months of the year. It awakens each November when it challenges nonfiction writers to start and finish a work of nonfiction in 30 days while at the same time teaching them how to write, publish and promote their work. I hope you enjoy the posts. Consider taking the challenge as well. (This first post is written by me…)

I can hear it. Although the writing world has gotten a bit quieter as we said goodbye to October dressed in a variety of garish and humorous Halloween costumes I hear the sound of distant typing. And I hear it getting louder…and louder…and louder! That’s the sound of the start of another Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) challenge—bigger and better than last year.

How do I know this? I know this because I have lots of great blog posts lined up with superb infomation. This is the first one–learn about getting from idea to published or publishable product (below). I know this because more unique visitors have shown up at the WNFIN blog in October than in November last year during the challenge (almost as many as during the challenge) and they’ve already scoured the archives of the past five years and looked at three times as many pages in those thirty days as well. Plus, this year I added a contest. I’m giving away Rochelle Melander’s new book, Write-A-Thon, Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It)—I’ll announce the winner at the end of this post. And I’ve added FREE teleseminars to the mix as well. The first one is TODAY with 7:00 PM EDT/4 PM PDT with Roger C. Parker, author of 41 business and how-to books. The topic for this kick-off event will be 7 Time-Management Tips for Completing Your Book During November—an appropriate one for all those WNFIN participants trying to meet their November deadline and for any writer wanting to get published. To learn more about the call and to register, click here.

However, to utilize Roger’s tips or the WNFIN challenge—to start and finish a project in 30 days and to end up not just an aspiring author but a published author—you first have to have ideas. Then you have to actually sit down and carry those ideas out to completion. In the publishing world, you complete a writing project when:

  1. you submit a manuscript to editors, agents or publishers and it is purchased and published
  2. you self-publish the manuscript

That’s what I want to discuss in today’s blog, the first of the WNFIN challenge—getting ideas and acting on them. After today, you will be privy to the wondrous posts of my guest bloggers on all but just a few days (when I will pop in again…but just on a few days). (To continue reading click here.)

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