Writing Prompt: Profile Bloggers Knight, Filian, Riter, Moll, and Wakeman

Celebration – 100 Writing Prompts!

In 66 days, NaNonFiWriMo 2013 will be upon us! Until then, please help me celebrate our 100th writing prompt here at Write Nonfiction in November!



Today’s Sub-Theme – Passionate Redheads

Our ninth sub-theme in August’s “All About You” theme is passionate redheads. Today’s featured bloggers have varying degrees of red hair, but they all share one thing – – passion. They all have passion for what they do and what they write about.

Today, your job is to write a profile on bloggers MamaRed Knight (Jerilynne Knight), Cathie Filian, Sherry Riter, Joy Weese Moll, and Denise Wakeman.

Recap: List of Featured Bloggers

In this space, we will keep a running list of all the bloggers we are featuring in August.

August 2 – Women, God, and Faith: Kirra Antrobus, Maia Duerr, Rachel, Rachel Barenblatt, and Katie Orr.
August 5 – Food Bloggers: Michael Lee West, Tara Kuczykowski, and Robyn Stone.
August 7 – Braniacs: Melanie Martilla, Marc Nash, Val Hudgins, Claudette Young, and Meena Rose.
August 9 – Photojournalists: Darlisa Black, Veronica Roth, Alik Sumin, and Arnoldo Romero.
August 12 – Inspirational folks: Maribel Steel, Beryl Ayn Young, Rachel Macy Stafford, and JoAnn J.A. Jordan.
August 14 – Dad bloggers – Michael Stelzner, Aaron Brinker, Brian Klems, and Oren Miller.
August 16 – Mom bloggers – Sam Kemp-Jackson, Jamie Meteer, Anne Kimball, and J.D. Bailey.
August 19 – Standout blogger – Kiril Kundurazieff
August 21 – Standout blogger – Nina Amir
August 23 – Standout blogger – Your favorite blogger!
August 26 – Passionate Redheads – MamaRed Knight (Jerilynne Knight), Cathie Filian, Sherry Riter, Joy Weese Moll, and Denise Wakeman.


Creative Idea Gal’s Thoughts

Have you ever heard of passion parties? Trust me, folks, they’re not for the faint of heart! I first heard of this term years ago, but it didn’t make an impact on me until I first became a mother seven years ago. I was just starting to get friendly with other moms when one mom dropped the bomb on me that she was hosting a passion party. Of course, I was invited to attend, but perhaps my innocent Casper look gave her the answer before I was able to say it.

I mention this term “passion parties” first because I want you to see how people use the word “passion.” Most often, you will see that word used in conjunction with that particular subject matter. In my opinion, that term and the significance of what it is supposed to mean is all wrong. I am fighting the waves of popularity on this one as I stand alone advocating for a totally different meaning for the word “passion.”

Today’s featured bloggers breathe new and colorful and exciting meanings into the word “passion.” One gal talks about how her time in the intensive care unit helped her refocus her life and inspired her to “igKnight” peoples’ lives. Another gal features her now 20 year-old daughter in a series of loving, remembrance-type blog posts that inspire all moms to cherish every second with their children. One gal is dedicated to teaching people how to make beautiful things with their hands and imagination. Another gal loves books so much that she eats, breathes, dreams about books – – her passion is in telling the world about how fabulous books are. And another gal is determined to help people strengthen their own brand by using Internet sources wisely to market themselves.

These five gals prove that passion is not a term to describe R-rated themes, but a term that accurately describes their natural life source that drives them to create excellence in their own lives for their self-improvement and tons of creative inspiration for others!


Creative Idea Gal’s Softball Questions for Today’s Bloggers

My questions for today’s featured bloggers are like a writing prompt within a prompt. The featured bloggers are strongly encouraged (but not required to) answer my questions. It is best for the featured bloggers to answer my questions on their own blogs and post those permalinks here on WNFIN.com.

Thank you so much to Melanie Marttila, Marc Nash, Kirra Antrobus, Maribel Steel, and Anne Kimball for already answering my questions!


MamaRed Knight (Jerilynne Knight)

Mama Red

Blogger MamaRed Knight

(1) I love the Minnie Pearl floppy hat vibe with the widest smile on the planet. Why did you choose this photo to represent you and your brand? What does the hat say about you?

(2) Your writing is the most colorful writing I’ve ever seen on a business website. You are unafraid to use cuss words and phrases that others would probably use in informal gatherings. Have you always been free-flowing with your language choices? How do your website visitors and clients react to your word choices?

(3) Your tagline “From Frustrated to Freedom” implies that your customers will receive freedom. Freedom from what? How are your customers not “free” (or restricted or chained down, etc.)?

(4) The technological meaning of backend is all the behind-the-scenes stuff that programmers and webmasters do. What makes your business backends sexy?

(5) You refer to yourself as the “Idea Firehose” and certainly with the entertaining language you use, you are definitely an original. Can you succinctly define your service offering in a less-colorful and more traditional way? What exactly do you do and how do you help people get away from their frustrations?

(6) What exactly is the “ContentBeastie”? Is this a software product you developed? A service?

(7) Your “Clustar” sounds fascinating. How exactly do you use Clustar to write more efficiently? Is this a software program? An app?

(8) You get a great amount of traffic and comments on your blog posts. Where does all this traffic come from? What have been your secrets to getting people to leave comments on your blog?

(9) You offer some excellent advice on how to build a business empire by using certain tools. Are you ever afraid that your blog visitors will read your advice, do as you say, and steal your ideas?

(10) The quotes you use in your photos are just as original as you and your service offerings. What is your inspiration for coming up with these quotes?


Cathie Filian 

Cathie Filian

Blogger Cathie Filian


(1) You have such a cheerful, positive disposition even with all the professional and personal things you’ve been through. What keeps you going? Are you a religious person? Spiritual?

(2) I don’t think I’ve ever seen you make a scowl or a frown. How do you manage to keep a smile on your face all the time? It appears that you are genuinely happy on the camera as much as you are off-camera. What makes you so happy?

(3) Your craft tutorials are photo-heavy and straightforward. Do you ever feel that people may steal your ideas?

(4) Now that you have a child in your life, how does that impact your work schedule? Will you continue crafting as much as you did before or will you slow down?

(5) Your participation in the Dove beauty campaign was touching. How were you selected? Do you still work with Dove?

(6) Do you think you’ll ever resurrect your t.v. show, Creative Juice? Any plans to write or star in any more crafting shows?

(7) You make all of your craft projects seem so easy, like anybody can do them. What advice do you give to crafty people whose skills are not as sharp as yours?

(8) Your blog details your many national trips to support your craft promotional items. Do you ever get tired of traveling so much? Does your husband travel with you?

(9) Your hot glue gun helpers are a neat invention. How did you come up with this idea? Can you describe the creative process as well as the business process in going from concept to national sales?

(10) You have published several craft books and have contributed to many print articles. Are you currently writing or under contract to write additional craft books?


Sherry Riter

Redhead Riter

Blogger Sherry Riter

(1) You state that you want to feature large photos in your blog posts because you are visually oriented. Would you consider writing or blogging a book based on your photographs, like a photojournalistic tribute to your daughter?

(2) Your list about “things in small packages” is lovely and thoughtful. Would you consider revisiting this topic in a mentorship role and encouraging others to write blog posts about their favorite things in small packages?

(3) Your page of archives is extraordinary and just about exhaustive! Wow! I’m fairly certain you can pick entire categories out of your previously written blog posts and turn them into a book. Would you consider doing that?

(4) You sprinkle inspirational quotes throughout your blog posts. Each quote reinforces your story and helps the reader walk away with a clear directive. Do you consider yourself to be an inspirational writer? Why or why not?

(5) You have many blog posts dedicated to your family stories and adventures. Would you consider these to be a form of memoir writing?

(6) You definitely live up to your statement about offering “something for everyone” with your blog writing. Is there any topic you have not yet tackled that you’d like to?

(7) You section on self-development is just as good as anything that Dr. Phil dishes out. Do you think people turn to you for advice?

(8) Your blog post about “100 Important Life Lessons & Truths” is important and original enough to be shared with others. Would you consider hosting a challenge inviting your subscribers, fans, and others to write their own version of life lessons and truths? If so, would you consider turning those “entries” into an anthology?

(9) You blog frequently and it appears that you have a full-time job. How do you find the time to write so much?

(10) Your food photography and clever way of describing the things you make are lovely and very different than most foodie-style blogs. How do you make your decisions on how to photograph the ingredients and the final dish?


Joy Weese Moll 

Joy Weese Moll

Blogger Joy Weese Moll

(1) Your book challenges are fascinating, but I don’t know exactly what they mean. Are you encouraging your readers to participate or are you reporting on challenges that you have completed?

(2) The purpose of your blog is succinct and clean: “Joy’s Book Blog.” Have people asked you to read and review their books for a fee? Is this a service you provide?

(3) How do you come up with book recommendations? Are they based on what you read on the Internet, things that people tell you, or your own research?

(4) Your travel adventures are fascinating. Are you traveling for business or pleasure? Are you researching books while you are traveling?

(5) Would you ever consider implementing a unique grading system in which you give your recommended books a grade (A, B, C, etc.) or a star (1-5 stars) as you recommend them? Would you consider adding blurbs explaining why you feel certain books are worth reading?

(6) What exactly is an online book club? How does it differ from other book clubs?

(7) Your “Wondrous Words Wednesday” should be a mandatory meme for all bloggers! What a great way to boost your vocabulary and practice what you’ve learned. Would you consider hosting link parties on your blog as a means of actively recruiting others to learn and practice new words?

(8) You stated you are currently reading Michael Larsen’s “How to Write a Book Proposal.” Do you think it’s important to learn to write a book proposal before finishing a manuscript? Would you consider self-publishing as a viable alternative for your manuscript-in-progress? Why or why not?

(9) Your book blog contains a pretty big section on non-book blog posts. Specifically, you dedicate a good amount of space to dieting, nutrition, and exercise. Seems like you have become pretty proficient in these areas. Would you consider moving those topics to a separate blog altogether to give them a wider audience of people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle?

(10) What advice would you give to people who are reading books and posting book reviews and recommendations, just as you are? Do you have any thoughtful lessons learned to share?


Denise Wakeman

Denise Wakeman

Blogger Denise Wakeman

(1) You are definitely a busy lady. How do you divide your time among your many blogs? Which blog is your favorite, and why?

(2) What was your inspiration in creating The Future of Ink? The theme of digital publishing is original and innovative. Do you think it paves the way for the future of the Internet? What do you do to get people interested in this concept?

(3) Your Biz Tips blog, just like your other blogs is a great resource with enough free tips to make any head spin. Though this site is inactive, it remains visible to all. Would you consider shutting it down and retooling your previously written blog posts into new books? Would you consider expanding upon the writing you’ve already done and incorporating interesting anecdotes in order to turn your blog posts into how-to books?

(4) How do you handle the mistakes you’ve made or the problems you’ve encountered on social media? Do you capture those real-life events and turn them into lessons learned in order to help your blog readers or clients? Would you consider writing and publishing a book all about “Denise Wakeman’s Social Media Mistakes and How to Turn Them Around to Increase Your Online Visibility”?

(5) What is the Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS)? Can you describe that in a down-to-earth way that people can relate to? Can you explain that in non-technical terms? What is your role in NAMS?

(6) What would you say are dos and don’ts in business blogging? What do you do if you spot a blogger who doesn’t do a good job with their business blogging? Do you use real-life examples as anecdotes in your teachings? Would you consider extracting this information by compiling it into a book?

(7) You’ve created a lot of videos and podcasts. Which is your favorite media and why? When did you first begin to create videos? Have you learned tips and best practices along the way that you can share with others?

(8) You are an aficionado of Google+ and are very active over there. How does your social media strategy change from one platform (your blog, etc.) to another (Google+)? Do you find that people are more receptive to your messages in one platform versus another?

(9) You have mentioned that you get a lot of questions about blogging, online marketing, and social media and that it is difficult to keep track of it all. You have posted a lot of the questions and answers in different social media sites. Did you know that there are now services that access your social media profile status updates and posts and offer the ability to turn your unique posts into a print book? Would you consider purchasing such a service for yourself so that you will have all of your information in one place? Once you have the composite of your information, would you consider plopping that all into an editable document and grouping things together in order to create several short books on distinct subjects? Would this be a valid way of boosting your own online visibility?

(10) You have generously promoted Write Nonfiction in November and NaNonFiWriMo 2013. (Thank you!!!) What is your opinion of NaNonWriMo? Is it a benefit for nonfiction writers? Why or why not? Is it feasible for you, a business owner, to participate? Why or why not? Do you plan on participating this year? Do you think buckling down and focusing on writing one entire work of nonfiction (refer to question #4 above) in November 2013 will ultimately help you boost your own online visibility, thereby strengthening your brand and making it easier for you to attract a new audience?


Writing Prompt 100

Prompt: Write a basic profile on featured bloggers MamaRed Knight (Jerilynne Knight), Cathie Filian, Sherry Riter, Joy Weese Moll, and Denise Wakeman.

Writing Tips:

• Conduct basic Internet research.

• Answer these questions in your writing: who, what, when, where, why (bonus: how?).

• Write your profile as descriptively as you wish. More details make your writing juicier!

• Bonus: interview the bloggers by asking them questions by e-mail and posting their replies on your own blog. Makes for good reading!

If you complete today’s writing prompt in the form of a blog post, please upload it here! Nina Amir and I want to hear from you!

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