Monetize Your Book to Become a Profitable Author

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build a business around your book

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Books don’t make authors rich. At least not most authors…and rarely nonfiction authors. If you want to earn a living from your book or books, learn how to monetize your book’s content.

Today, numerous ways exist to build a business around your book. You can create courses, membership sites, ebooks, and webinars, just to name a few. In fact, I wrote a whole book, called Authorpreneur, about how to begin creating products related to your books.

The process of monetizing your nonfiction book begins with the information you included in its pages. Its table of contents could provide the structure for an entire course or series of online events. Each chapter holds the key to an individual product or a module in a course.

And you can use audio, video, email, or even stick with the written word and produce spin-off ebooks. Your choices go on and on.

But as soon as you decide to monetize your content, you enter the world of online marketing. You open a store in cyberspace. And you must not only promote your books, but your other products and services.

If you don’t think this sounds fun and creative, think again. It is! Turning your content into marketable products and valuable services can prove exciting and highly fulfilling, especially if you became a nonfiction writer to help your readers in some way. You can reach thousands, even millions, of people with supplemental products related to your nonfiction books.

Today, I make my living primarily with products and services related to my books. Indeed, I’ve built a business around my books. While I, therefore, could teach you a thing or two (and I have written about this topic), I’d like you to learn from someone who knows more than I do—and earns more as well.

Kathleen Gage headshotx175That’s why I interviewed Kathleen Gage for this WNFIN video on becoming a profitable author by monetizing your book. Kathleen is the author of Power Up for Profits: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing. As an early adopter of online marketing, Kathleen is known for cutting through the fluff and helping people leave their sob stories behind so they can stop focusing on the past and start looking towards the future. She speaks and teaches about what she believes are the core elements of a successful life: accountability, integrity, honesty, and living with passion and hope. Although Kathleen is best known for her no nonsense approach to life and business, when she’s not working with clients, creating information products, writing books or speaking on the platform, Kathleen can be found training for a marathon, walking her dogs, working in her many flower gardens, feeding her horses or playing a fierce game of cards. You can find out more about her at

If you’ve published a book, it’s time for you to profit! Don’t leave money sitting on the table by failing to turn your content into additional products and services that benefit your readers.

As you watch this video, think about the many ways you might monetize your book. Leave us a comment and share what you plan to do to build a business around your first product—your book.

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